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Best LOTR moments

Well hello guys! Apologies for the silence as I have been busy with internship! It dawned to me after visiting Hobbiton in New Zealand,what I need to do is to watch LOTR and the hobbit. Well I watched the Hobbit and I loved it! With the release of The Desolation of Smaug (yes I am excited),I shall count down my favourite moments in this beloved franchise. Anyway it was my personal opinion and feel free to comment your favourite moments in LOTR

The Fellowship of The Ring

Arwen V.S The Nazguls

Yes Jackson took some liberation for Tolkien’s female characters,but this scene is pretty amazing especially the score and when Arwen chant the water barrier spell.

Bonmoir’s Death

Well he is one of my favourite LOTR characters,and despite his fall of being tempted by the ring (and nearly killing Frodo). That scene where Bonomir acknowledged Aragorn as his ruler,just plain beautiful and the acting was amazing here.

The meeting Between Aragon and Arwen in the garden

If you think LOTR is just simply lots of awesome battle scenes,think again….It showed me that fantasy films can handle romantic scenes and I must say that the relationship between Arwen and Aragorn is just wonderful. The chemistry between Liv Tyler and Viggo Morentersen is just passionate and lovely. I would like to include that scene where Aragorn was awakened by Arwen after the battle

The Two Towers

The curing of Theoden

I love the makeup effects of comatstic Theoden,it was damn beautiful but that scene is pretty wonderful and I loved the softness Sir Ian McKellen do to the enchanted Thedon. Thereafter there is a heartbreaking scene of Theoden griefing over his dead son just show the redemption element in LOTR.

Sam’s Speech “there is good in this world”

Despise that Two Towers was not my favorite film the trilogy but this little moment that shed light into the darkness. Sean’s sincerity in this scene with the jutaxplostion of the race of Men and Gandalf fighting at Sauron’s tower was no less inspiring. I think I shed a tear or two when I was watching that

Gandalf’s return

Yes I was doing the Frodo No when Gandalf the Grey died,but the awe Pippin and Merry seen Gandalf alive makes us tear up…

Treebeard discovering his forest

One phrase:BAMF trees! Yes I love the Erts’ designs in LOTR (It have that Arthur Rackman element which I loved) and that special effects are amazing. Saruman,you have make one tree really angry. Tree-Smash!

That is why you should not cut so many trees,they will create hell for you

The Return of The King (Yes I am slightly biased but the best moments are from this film)

Arwen’s Vision

Yes I chose another Arwen and Aragorn scene,oh man the music and the visuals of it is just plain beautiful. The suspended motion of Arwen crossing her journey added that ethernal scene was no less tear-jerking especially the gaze of the child

“The Edge of the Night”

Well LOTR have a chockful of songs,but if I have to choose one song-it would be that song. That juxtoplostion of Dethethor eating his food in an animalistic manner,and Faramir charging for battle unprepared irked out disgust on Dethenor and yet heartbreak on Faramir’s fate. Even the acting of Billy provoked that reaction of horror.

“Death is another path”

This part is so philosphical about the journey of life and it brings hope to otherwise bleak subtext of the battles

“Rohirm Take Charge”

If I have to choose for the best battle scenes in LOTR,Return of The King have so many to boot. This is perhaps the most inspirational battle scenes ever. If you do not tear up on the commandoes screamed “DEATH” from Eowyn to Merry. There is something wrong with you. And there they charge,I nearly tear up here.

And of course the epilogue of Return of The King,what a way to end the fantastic trilogy…It was nothing but emotions….JEBEUS…

Aragorn’s coronation-O.K I am tearing up on Aragorn bowing down to the hobbits and saying “You shall bow down to no one”..It was no less inspring and shows that even the smallest beings can make a big difference.

Oh yes the Gray Havens sequence is too painful and you feel so bad for Frodo. For the first time,I seen a fantasy character feeling so human. Of course Frodo’s kiss to Sam and his smile is just so heartbreaking. I love that line that Gandalf say that “Tears are not for weeping.”

Well Jackson could end the Return Of The King with the bang with the coronation of Aragorn or the emotional parting of Frodo leaving for The Grey Havens. However he chose a quiet ending of Sam closing the door which brings closure to that franchise. When I watched that ending,I feel that a part of me just died because I followed the characters along the way and seen their adventures. Here closing the door,is metaphorically saying that a chapter ends for LOTR.

Now I am done with that,a little bonus scene from The Hobbit which I really liked,ideally the majority would choose the hug between Biblo and Thorin (Yes it cause so many feels). However I chose that scene of Biblo receiving his sword and I thought it was very thought-provoking for me. Indeed LOTR showed that quality here

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