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Wes Anderson filmography ranking.

Hello again,my dear readers…the good news is that I finished the whole filmography of Wes Anderson! Therefore I would be talking about my top Wes Anderson films and my thoughts about it.

O.K if you guys did not hear about Wes Anderson or heard about his films (I suggest you do it now before I stab with you the scissors). I would do a small biography of that man and his aueteur style.

Wes Anderson was perhaps the most upcoming aueters,yes you would either be charmed by his charming style of directing or perhaps find it a ripoff from Jeneut. I am in one of those groups who fall in love with his works. Yes he deliver comedies,but it’s not those haha moments. It was dry but it was enjoyable. It was a mix of dysfunctional families,a unique colour palette and great soundtracks (I am surprised that he have the same taste as me). Recently I found out there was a bingo game dedicated to spotting Wes Anderson’s signatures

Yup,no denial that Wes have its own style 😉

With the recent acclaim of his recent work Moonrise Kingdom,with a nomination of Golden Globes (Congrats Wes!) and a new film The Grand Budpast Hotel,a period piece with a stellar cast (For me I am damn excited to hear that F Murray Abraham is in this film) which homages to Billy Wilder and Ernest Lubistch. I am going to give my two-cents of the Wes Anderson filmography. (In order of my preferences)

1)Rushmore (1998)

Story:An eccentric teenager Max Fischer,faced academic probation while he fall in love with a lonely kindergarten teacher Ms Cross while holding a friendship with Mr Blume.

My views:I could say this film is perhaps the most relatable films for me among Wes’ filmography and my instant favourite. I called it the Graduate in reverse (here another favourite film of mine). It is a little wry,yet it have the most touching moments on growing up and learning to find your purpose in life. I particularly loved the performance of Jason Schwartzman here.

Favourite Wes Anderson music moment: I would choose Ooh La La By Faces ending,because it just fit on that moment where Max met his unrequited love Ms Cross and just dance away. Damn it,it was too beautiful and quite a bittersweet ending. I loved the revenge sequence of “A quick one who got away” by The Who,it was quite hilarious as hell and pretty unexpected.

Favourite Wes Anderson quote:  “Sic transit gloria. Glory fades. I’m Max Fischer.”

2)Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Story: Two outcasts Sam and Suzy ran away while the entire community of New Penzance were looking for those runaway lovers.

My views: Being the first Wes Anderson film I watched,I instantly fall in love with his style with Moonrise Kingdom. I said it was the best cast ever with some surprises like Bruce Wills as the cop,Edward Norton as Scout Master Ward and cameos of Tilda Swinton and Harvery Ketiel are pretty awesome. However it was the two child stars that took the attention for me for adapting Wes’ whimsical style and their chemistry is flawless.

Favourite Wes Anderson music moment:No denial,I probably played this tune more than 60 times in my iTunes library,Le Temps D’Amour by Francoise Hardy. I mean that scene of the two kids dancing in the beach and having a damn good time,there it goes to them doing the french kissing is that personification of young love. The chemistry of the actors are just perfection,with that awkwardness that we experience when we fall in love for the first time. Ever since this was my favourite Wes Anderson soundtrack piece. If I have to choose a second,it would be the narrator’s telling with Simple Symphony, Op.4 – 2. Playful Pizzicato. It is just perfect and add this childlike feel for this film.

Favourite Wes Anderson Quote: “I made you some jewelry. Are your ears pierced?”  (Yup that next moment is pure comedy when you hear Suzy scream and there she think it looks pretty.)

3) Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

Story:Based on a book by Roald Dahl,Mr Fox,a former chicken thief pulled out the biggest heist in years,which threaten his community.

My Views:Screw it,this book was part of my childhood. Fantastic Mr. Fox was one of these books that I loved to read. I am pleasantly surprised over his adaptation on my favourite childhood book. It just make a good book much better and cause me to want to reread this book again. It have one of my favourite soundtracks of Wes Anderson and of course translating his quirky style to stop-motion animation was incredible. Maybe it is not for the little kids because of its dry humor,but it’s a worthwhile watch.

Favourite Wes Anderson music moment: O.K the soundtrack of Fanatstic Mr Fox is super duper amazing,and I often played this. This have won for the best nostalgic award,when they played Love from my childhood film Robin Hood .This one was hard to find,that even my twin sister freaked out when she did not notice that reference..look out for that moment where Krisstoftern dived into the pool,that is where they played that song. For the rest,I do love the use of The Beach Boys here,especially Heroes and Villains,Street Fighting Man by The Rolling Stones for the battle with the rat and Mr Fox. Of course the ending tune-Let Her Dance is the winner for me and keep everyone in a good mood. Scores-wise they did that great job on that ditty on Boggis,Bunce and Bean.

Favourite Wes Anderson quote: Mrs. Fox: [to Ash] We’re all different. [indicates Mr. FoxMrs. Fox: Especially him. But there’s something kind of fantastic about that, isn’t there? (I would choose that damn hilarious King John-esque moment where they sang the song on Mr fox’s adventures)

4) The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

Story:A dysfunctional families of former geniuses came along,when the absent Patriarch Royal came back to tell his family that he was going to die.

My Views: Perhaps it was a more heartfelt and absolutely funny,yup it did take the attention for an extremely witty script,great soundtrack and of course very great acting. One of my favourite Wes Anderson characters is of course Royal which is played wonderfully by Gene Hackman (Yup he is an asshole but I love that man).  Of course it gave me a new perspective on actors that I consider to be that damn overrated like Ben Stiler and Gwyneth Partrow. Yes I can see that Owen Wilson can actually act pretty well thanks to Wes Anderson’s direction. Perhaps it have the best ensemble chemistry besides Moonrise Kingdom. Of course the set design is pretty gorgeous to look at.

Favourite Wes Anderson music moment: This holds for the second,for best use of popular music. I love the medley of She Smiled sweetly/Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones where Margot and Richie met together. I mean the emotions was absolutely perfect there and of course the lyrics of that song Ruby Tuesday just make my heart ache so much.

Favourite Wes Anderson quote:

Royal: Got a minute?
Ethel: [startled] What are you doing here?
Royal: Uh, I need a favour. I want to spend some time with you and the children.
Ethel: Are you crazy?
[she carries on walking]
Royal: Well, wait a minute, dammit!
Ethel: Stop following me!
Royal: Well, I want my family back.
Ethel: Well, you can’t have it! I’m sorry for you, but it’s too late.
Royal: Well, listen… Baby, I’m dying.
[she stops]
Royal: Yeah, I-I’m sick as a dog. I’ll be dead in six weeks. I’m dying.
Ethel: What are you talking about? What’s happening? Oh, I’m sorry… I didn’t know…
[starts crying]
Ethel: Well, what’d they say? What is the prognosis?
Royal: [trying to comfort her] Take it easy, Ethel. Now, hold on, baby, hold on. Hold on, OK?
[she starts wailing]
Ethel: Where is the doctor?
Royal: Well, look, just wait a second now. Wait a second. OK, uh, listen, I’m not dying… but I need some time. A month or so. OK? I want us to-to…
[she slaps him hard]
Ethel: WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? Are you crazy?
[she walks off]
Royal: Ethel, baby… I am dying.
[she comes back to him]
Ethel: Are you or aren’t you?
Royal: What? Dying? Yeah.

yes we did that for directing class,here Gene Hackman and Huston are just flawless together here!

5) Bottle Rocket (1994)

Story: 3 young dreamers Anthony,Digman and Bob planned a big heist mission in order to achieve these dreams.

My Views:Being that debut film of Wes Anderson,this have some of his style. Some parts are little dry and sometimes confusing for me. However it shows me again that Owen Wilson can act pretty well and the cinematography is pretty amazing. Music-wise it’s a little resemblance to his current films.

Favourite Wes Anderson music moment: Arrgggghh I can’t remember any music from Bottle Rocket D: It’s not one of my favourite soundtracks here..

Favourite Wes Anderson quote: “What do you think I was doing the whole time you were out there man? I told you Dignan got fired, out on his ass. But you didn’t think about that, did you. In the end it’s easier to think about yourself than it is to think about Dignan.”

6)Hotel Chevailer/The Darjeeling limited (2007)

Story: 3 estranged brothers went through a spiritual journey in India after a year of their father’ s death.

My views:This film is slightly serious as opposed to his previous works where he used the playfulness of Truffaut and Welles. Here Wes Anderson was inspired by Jean Renoir’s The River and Sajitay Ray’s films. While I find the story to be lacking in some parts especially the spiritual aspect of it. However I find this film the strongest for Wes’ visual style in bold splashes of blue and yellow. Music-wise,it was a contrast as he used Ray’s film scores for his soundtrack which was quite bold. However I prefer the use of The Kinks and that little ditty. The acting of Brody,Wilson and Schwartzman are pretty great that I am convinced that they are brothers.

For Hotel Chevalier,I like that short,this is where he is at his strongest in compressing his unique style within 3 minutes and of course it have one of my other favourite Wes Anderson music moments. I suggest that you watched the short before the film,because in the dialogue,one of the brothers wrote his experience depicted in his short.

Favourite Wes Anderson music moment: Yes I am in love with that Peter Sarsdelt: Where do you go (My lovely). I called this a perfect F- you song to your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend/ best friend thanks to Darjeeling Limited. Do watch it and you get what I mean. For the rest,it’s not the Ray’s scores,I love Strangers by The Kinks and of course that sneaky Rolling Stones song “Play with Fire”

Favourite Wes Anderson quote: “I wonder if the three of us would’ve been friends in real life. Not as brothers, but as people.”

7)The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)

Story:Steve Zissou,an oceangrapher goes with is misfit crew to hunt for the mythical jaguar shark.

My Views: Perhaps this film was one of the least favorite Wes Anderson films among critics. I am one of them,while I enjoyed the whimsical animation of the sea creatures and the production design of the ship’s interior. I am not in favor with the story-plot which was pretty messy for my taste and the acting was pretty bad despite having two of his veterans Bill Murray and Anjelica Huston. Soundtrack-wise,it does not fit the film’s atmosphere unfortunately despite Seu Jorge’s great renditions to Bowie classics.

Favourite Wes Anderson music moment: As I am not much of a Bowie fan,I can’t comment much how it fits the film’s context . Seu’s covers are amazing but however I think it does not fit the film. However I do like “Queen Bitch” ending sequence (with a great jam of that song by Seu himself) and Life on Mars by Bowie himself.

Favourite Wes Anderson quote: “Oh, shit! Swamp leeches. Everybody, check for swamp leeches, and pull them off… Nobody else got hit? I’m the only one? What’s the deal?”

So anyway here is my rundown of the Wes Anderson filmography! So do let me know what are you favourite Wes Anderson films by your comments or my tumblr page! Now I am looking forward to his next film


Predictions of the Oscar Best Animated Feature 2013

Predictions of the Oscar Best Animated Feature 2013

I have been following a bit on the oscars news and i am surprsied that 21 films are shortlisted for Best Animated feature for that year… So far it have an interesting mix of film genres that year.

Now here is my thoughts for which films would be nominated for the Oscar for Best Animated Feature



Yes I am a sucker for that movie and Pixar took it up to a notch on dealing with its first female protagonist and of course the landscapes are beautiful. I think it would get that nomination because of the story and the gorgeous animation here

A Liar’s Autobiography – The Untrue Story of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman

It came to me as a surprise,I have been a Python fan for quite a while and seeing the trailer for the film. I am pretty impressed by the vast animation styles here. I think they translated the Pythonesque humor so well in their animated styles. I am hoping they would release that film into my country


The stop-motion animation is too wonderful and I love those winks of horror movies.

Rise of The Guardians

Just watched this with my sister the other day,holy poop……I thought Brave was amazing. ROTG took the cake for its animation. I was entralled by the opening sequence and it gets better in every second. However I think it have a stiff competition with Brave on the technical aspect. However the story in Guardians is a little cliche (But I overlook it in my watching). So it was a difficult decision for me to decide which of these animated features are good because both have different qualities which I liked.


From Up on Poppy Hill

It probably get in because it was a Ghibi film (Oscars have been nominating these countries over the years including the winner for 2002 Best Animated feature-Spirited Away which I don’t deny it). I heard it was directed by Goro Miyasaki (Hayao Miyasaki’s son). I watched one of his films and found it damn terrible. I heard lots of good things about this film but I need to see it

So these are my five for now as I did not watch the rest. So what do u think which films would be nominated for Best Animated Feature?

My appreciation for Across The Universe (2007)

If you asked anyone what is that one life-changing film that forever changed their perception of film. Some say it was The Godfather,Spielberg was Lawrence of Arabia while others said it was Citizen Kane. O.K My first life-changing flim was not one of the top 100 or 50 films to watch before you die. It was something that is pretty recent and I can’t help but to share about it. I have great debt for this film that spurn me to love film as an art.

Basically it was a boy meets girl story set with Beatles songs. Pretty darn simple huh? For the impressionable 19 year old art student who loved The Beatles,it sounds pretty awesome. So I borrowed the DVD with my sister and start to watch this. Yup on that day,my life was changed forever on how film could work wonders.

You feel as if you are transport to that magical mystery bus (Mind The Beatles pun),sometimes it could go somber like Let it Be when it deals with the struggle of racial rights during the civil rights movement,sometimes it was whimsical and energetic that transport you back to that carefree optimism in the 1960’s. It could even turn somewhat hopeful as in the ending sequence when Jude sang “All You Need is Love.” and Lucy came along. That journey sinked you to the times of the 1960’s even though you will never experienced it.

If you looked at Julie Taymor’s style of work,she have a deep background in threatre and she loved the avant-garade. Across The Universe is simply mind-blowing,the cinematography is almost fantasy-like which is in line with Julie’s tasteSo many images came into my mind when I watched that strawberries becoming bombs or that frightening “I Want You (She’s So  Heavy)” sequence and that cheeky The Benefit of Mr Kite sequence which played on the Dadaist colleges. You just join along with the fun with this film ever.

Of course,the way they covered the Beatles songs actually fitted the storyline and yet there is beautifully refreshing about it. Whenever Prudence singing about her feelings of that girl in “I want to hold your hand.” to show her melachonic feelings and highlight a social issue of LGBT people coming out or “Across the Universe” on the NY Metro where you seen many faces or that beautifully whimsical “Because” to show that optimistic outlook of young people in the 60’s. It was amazing and absolutely different from the usual.

Last of all,to me what makes Across The Universe so special to me,is what she wanted people to get away from that film. I watched the behind-the scenes featurette of Across The Universe and she commented what is her purpose of making that film. Excuse me for not phrassing it right because it was a pretty long time since I watched it. They may not experience that time during the 1960’s but however by showing this film to the young people perhaps it would change their life,little by little. That part shook me is making a film could change someone’s life. Yes it did,now I just love critiscm and just enjoying how films are made. It just gave me the purpose of my life-loving films. I am really thankful for Julie Taymor for making my love of film because of that look across the universe

Appreciation for Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

Yes I have done my part to watch Prometheus (2012) after being scared silly by the film. I know this film by people freaking out that Michael Fassbender (Yes…that actor from X-Men First Class) somewhat creepily similar acting performance to the acting of Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia for his character David.

If you watch the film,you will notice lots of direct or slightly indirect homages to this film. While it is a good thing that they homaged it as it coincided so nicely with the 50th anniversary of the release of the film and the Cannes restoration. I am afraid that people would watch it because of that film (I.E Prometheus) itself. So I would give my reasons who should you give this film a try just because Fassbender did it or what so ever.

Basically the story is about T.E Lawrence (Lawrence Of Arabia)-a famous WW1 hero who is well-known to help out in the Arab revolt. Here is the picture of the real guy behind

Yup…he is quite average-looking but his life is more than it seems. It all thanks to a bold director which changed the epics of today and it’s still bringing awe to me. As Steven Spielberg once quoted in a documentary in his appreciation for Lawrence of Arabia to start off my appreciation for this film-“It was a miracle ”


To me watching as the budding cinephile Lawrence of Arabia just shook my world with its absolutely beautiful cinematography.

This GIF is one of the 1001 cinematography porn scenes you will forever see in Lawrence of Arabia. God these images will be stuck  in my head-lots of sand and desert scenes. We got to thank the cinematographer for Lawrence of Arabia-Freddie Young (he will execute few more David Lean films like Dr Zhivago and Ryan’s Daughter) for creating these scenes and it’s so perfect that he created a lens just for one scene. One scene and it’s perfection.

Here is that beauty that is just specially created for that scene.

I know that people would think it’s just a film full of sand..Nope you are missing the point. Now here comes the best eargasm you will experience in your life. Of course I need to loop it endlessly throughout that film. Hello you are talking about the greatest movie soundtracks ever alongside John Williams and so many famous movie composers. It all thanks to Maurice Jarre,who composed the most romantic score perfect for this epic. Not convinced? Click on this video

I will make a confession when I listened to the overture while to school. I feel like I was walking to the desert like a boss. I mean it. That is how good the soundtrack is. Of course Maurice Jarre will compose more scores after his fame from Lawrence of Arabia, from Dead Poets Society (Yes it’s unlikely but it works) to the most infamous among all imfamous themes that someone who never watch the film Dr Zhivago know that tune.

To me what seals this film as my ultimate favourite film is Peter O’Toole’s acting as the enigmatic Lawrence of Arabia. Now here is the fun fact who auditioned to play T.E Lawrence from Marlon Brando,Albert Finney,Anthony Perkins (Yes that creeper guy in Psycho as Norman Bates),Montongramy Cliff and even Alec Guinness (He played previously in another David Lean’s film-The Bridge to the river Kwai). Eventually this role was given to unknown Irish actor Peter O’Toole. The rest is history when he just played that role so beautifully. It gave him an Academy Award Nomination in 1962 for Best Actor for his role which was lost to Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird (personally I like Peck himself and both should have won for Best Actor). Now here is that scene that shows Peter’s pure sheer acting that I nearly cried when I re-watched it the second time.

Well you know it served inspiration for the actors in these recent films like Tom Hiddleston as Loki.

“And I find myself listening to that sometimes. And there are some great performances. Ken talked a lot about some of Peter O’Toole’s greatest performances and how in LAWRENCE OF ARABIA or THE LION IN WINTER he is on the edge of darkness. He’s on the edge of sanity. You can see it in his eyes that he’s been pushed to the brink and you’re not sure if you can trust him because there’s a madness in there, you know? A greatness, too and a charisma and a power that you want to get close to and you want to see inside, but it’s a little bit dangerous. And so I’ve been trying to kind of… I drive to work every morning and I try and light some kind of bonfire under myself which is adrenalized and hot and alone. It’s a strange feeling when you’re playing a character that feels so alone. “

Or the most recent incarnation Michael Fassbender as David,

This is Michael Fassbender…he just got famous because of X-Men First Class. So when he approached to play as an andriod

Many people who watch the film as me,commented on how creepily similar is Fassbender to O’Toole. (I swear it’s so true that it’s almsot frightening)

“Yes. That was Ridley’s initial idea for the hair and for the look. He’s the robot. Or humanoid. Or android. Or whatever you want to call it. We also took inspiration from David Bowie and some of his looks as well. I liked the idea of having a feminine quality to him for sure. Both Lawrence and David Bowie have elements of that. He’s curious about everything. Something blowing up or something killing him, if that happened, there would be curiosity right up until the moment that it happened. He thinks, I’ll do this because that will have a knock-on effect and I might learn something else from it, rather than it having anything to do with morality”

To me as a restoration geek-perhaps it is appropriate to see why I loved this film. Lawrence of Arabia was cut so many times after its theatrical premiere to the point,it was a two hour film which did not serve for its epicness. It was until they managed to find the negative in a barn. It have the entire cut of the whole film but no sound,so they have to rope back the cast back to re-record the sound again (Expect for Jack Hawkins). My god it’s sheer scale for the epic ever. Recently they finished the 4K/8K restoration just in time for the 50th anniversary of the release for the film!

Of course the story is so fantastic as it have this theme of self-idenity which was wonderfully written. Actually one of my favourite quotes from this film that summarized the film to me “Do you think I’m just anyone Ali? Do you?” we explored who is Lawrence and it is up to you to your impression of T.E Lawrence. Of course the editing is amazing and I think we have to applaud Anne V. Coates for editing this beautiful film. So here is the clip. Fun Fact: David Lean was an editor before he became a Director. How awesome could you get?

Now I have enlighten you with reasons to watch Lawrence of Arabia not because of the obvious referring in Prometheus. It was the miracle that is unmatchable to today’s epics. We do not have these epics in the scale like this anymore. I suggest to get yourself a big television,3 hours to spare and lots of snacks to enjoy this film. Have fun as one said “Big things do have small beginnings” I hoped you will develop this love for this film as I do.

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