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Hello everyone

I deeply apologize for the silence,well I will be experimenting  a new method of my film reviews through fan-made audio commentaries….

I have this thought after watching BBC The Musketeers (2014)-“A rebellious Woman” and noticed the symbolism. Basically it would be chockfull of in textual references,character analysis and observations.

I would post it mostly in my tumblr but I will try to make it available for the wordpress blog. Here are those I have in mind for audio commenatry

(Cross-referenced from my main blog)

  1. BBC The Musketeers (2014)-“A Rebellious Woman”,”Commondites” and “The exiles” (Tennative for now til there are some changes)
  2. American Beauty-“The use of roses”-I am meaning to discuss that because of that scene “Spectuuuular”
  3. The Darjeeling Limited-“Play with Fire” sequence
  4. Lawrence of Arabia-this is my fave film,I am interested what topic to talk about

So do let me know what films/televison shows you want me to talk about


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