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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,300 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 38 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


2013 in retrospect

Well everyone it is going to be the end of 2013..well it have been a hell of a year in film for me. Sadly I do not have much time to watch films and I seem to be focused on Televison series on the second half of the year. It does not mean I will stop watching it. I just find television programs easier to catch on

I am become a Whovian (aka the nerd of Doctor Who) after two attempts and it is fitting that it was the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. I am glad for that new journey as a Whovian. For the next few months til August I would be catching up Classic Who mostly Tom Baker and McCoy.

I discovered Sherlock-such a great mini series with acting from Freeman and Cumberbatch

For films-wise

Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man-GODAMNIT it was beautiful,in addition I am excited for his latest film Only Lovers Left Alive

The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings are pretty mind-blowing for me especially after visiting the Shire in N.Z. I mean I questioned to myself why I did not watch that!

Richard II from The Hollow Crown

Oh my god,I know the play towards David Tennant acting in this play..Guess what I found a Shakespearean play that have so much depth. It stuck in my mind with Whishaw’s haunting performance.

Black Orpheus by Marcel Came-God it was beautiful!

Watching Taxi Driver and two Italian Neo-Realist films ( Vulcano and Stromboli) in the big screen for me in Film Restoration Asia-guys. Man it was mind-blowing! It was sooo good

Two deaths that struck me recently

Kumar Pallana

Being a big Wes Anderson fan,it saddens me that one of his collaborators passed away. I hope Wes would do a tribute to him for the Grand Budapest Hotel because he makes a difference for him.

Before Christmas,my acting hero Peter O’Toole passed away..It have a been a week. I still cannot comprehend on the passing of that man. I miss him dearly and I do wish I would have a chance to say thank you to him.

However I do managed to meet with 3 famous persons

Lord David Puttnam,this man is my hero. Ever since he talked to us via Skype in my film school. He does enegrize me with his love for stories. I do meet him on February and my god it was one of the best moments in my film life. I would love to go to the education area. Aside from Peter O’Toole,David Lean. Lord David Puttnam is the best human if you get to meet him,you would be changed

I get to meet  Apichatpong Weerasethakul at film restoration asia where he introduced his debut film. He is very easy to talk to and wonderful 🙂

Simon Weaving-Hugo Weaving’s brother (Yep I nerd a bit when I heard that Elrond’s brother is teaching us). He is an amazing and fun guy ! BTW his lessons are damn fun

Making friends with Missmirandaslife,she is lovely! I love you gal!

Now here are the films/TV Shows I am looking forward for 2014

  • Sherlock Season 2 (It’s coming after new year’s day YES!)
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Captain America 2:Winter Solider
  • Only Lovers Left Alive
  • The Hobbit -There and Back Again
  • Doctor Who Season 8-with Mr Capaldi

My goals for next year

Well I am using a Doctor Who quote as one of my resolutions

“We all change. When you think about it, we’re all different people all through our lives, and that’s okay, that’s good, you gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be.”

This year have been pretty tough for me,realizing that I am not too fantastic in the practical aspects of film and of course shooting makes me a nervous wreck. Man I realize I loved writing about films and I am reading more often (My literature nerd is leaking in me)

  • Improve my grammar and spelling-well I am going to write films for my degree,might as well get started
  • Try not to put a face in front of others,it is pretty much a bitch. I have to do this to fit in.
  • Take care of myself and be more postivite.
  • Try to watch at least 1-2 films per week,I am getting lazy because of tumblr.

So Happy 2014 everyone!

Solitude with the movies

Well I have to write somewhere,so I am going to do something a little nostalgic and leaning to that perspective of Martin Scorsese…

Whilist I was watching the double treat of two Italian Neo-Realist films,I wished there is another person to share my experience when I seen the pregnant Karin climbing up that treacherous volcano in Rossellini’s Stromboli (1950) where I wept when she screamed God have mercy on me or that dread Magalnda have in Vulcano. I asked my mum and dad to join with me on this screening despite knowing that my parents are not that interested in these type of films. It feels lonely when you watch it on your own when watching films is an event of community.

I bet all you other cinephiles do feel that same feeling as me and that is why I am sharing my experiences with you.

My parents are from a poor background and they do not spend their childhood at the movies and focused on the practical aspects in life. It all started with me writing a book  in high school about what I wanted to be “I want to be a film director” . Maybe I was spurred after seeing a film version of To Kill a Mockingbird (1960) for my literature class.

Of course for my reading about film,I assume those few names that struck me,Alfred Hitchcock,Andrew Adamson-the director for The Chronicles of Narnia. I have no knowledge of who are these people…

There you know the story that Julie Taymor’s Beatles musical-Across The Universe changed my perception of film. I think my real habit of being a cinephile all started with me ticking off the AFI 100 films,with David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia. It changed my whole being,as I could not sleep thinking about that windshield and Peter O’Toole’s jaded face for not saving Arabia after marathoning for four hours.

Of course in film school,we started watching films,Hitchcock,Vittro De Sica,Muramu,Fritz Lang,Wes Anderson,Jean many names..Sadly most of my classmates do not share that same passion for old films like me..They are more tech-savy than me  I really wanted to keep that habit to watch films,but due to the stress of school,it ebbs and flow at time. The only time I could marathon it was the holidays. It’s hard to find people with similar interests in old films.

I tried to persuade my family to watch these films with me,I managed to succeed a few times but I respect that decision they do not want to watch with me.

90% of the time I watched the film all alone. It’s disheartening as no one will discuss with you the aspects and symbolism of that film. No one will geek with you on how beautiful Brigette Bardot was in Godard’s Le Mephris. No one will wonder how the director created the vision. They just see if it was entertaining and that is all. As quoted by Tom from the Glass Menagire (One of my favorite Tennessee Williams plays)

“…People go to the movies instead of moving! Hollywood characters are supposed to have all the adventures for everybody in America, while everybody in America sits in a dark room and watches them have them! Yes, until there’s a war. That’s when adventure becomes available to the masses!…” – Tom

We just wanna forget this world. I have that struggle of being analytical and yet enjoyed the film itself.

Looking back perhaps the beauty of watching films by yourself,is that no one will pester you with massive SMS or knocking. You are your own audience. You feel the things and there you judged it yourself. You are not influenced by the person. You can express it in your writing platform,where I started on writing my anime reviews of what I feel. Perhaps it was that habit that is even healthier than what most teenagers do as Frank Carpa,the director of It’s A Wonderful Life famously quoted “Film is a disease. When it infects your bloodstream, it takes over as the number one hormone; it bosses the enzymes; directs the pineal gland; plays Iago to your psyche. As with heroin, the antidote to film is more film.” You cannot get enough. It is alright if you have faces of horror that you loved Old Hollywood films,it’s alright if they cannot get the coda of The Bicycle Theives,it’s alright that you blurt out random trivia about the making of Taxi Driver. All people who are passionate over their things do feel secluded. However there is hope,once you can find the right community like what I do. You never feel alone. I am glad to go for that route of cinema. I do love that darkened room,with the film shutter rolling and being absorbed in the beauty. I do love exploring the filmography of my favorite directors. I do love reblogging the GIF sets of the films I loved. I do loved reading what people would think about that particular film.

So don’t be discouraged over the darkness of being alone when you watched that Kurosawa film at either your laptop or Lawrence of Arabia on the big screen. Eventually this is what you loved to do and I will do a pumped fist if you forget what others think about your habits and just doing what you love. To us it was cinema,as what Francois Truffaut quoted “Film lovers are sick people.”.

We cannot get enough of cinema.


Film restoration Asia retrospect

Well hello everyone,I am so super sorry for the silence of that blog. I have been a very bad admin as I am busy with my dissertation on Wes Anderson (which thankfully I am done) and lots of coursework!

However I was given perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity to pursue my interest in film history…Film restoration! As I do mentioned earlier,it was Lawrence of Arabia (and Hitchcock’s Rear Window) that make want to pursue my love for film preservation


That is where I am gonna tell my event…originally this programme is collaborated by the mother of all film restoration center,Cinema Bologna in Italy and National Museum of Singapore. They do ave the practical classes which I originally wanted to do but due to cost skip that thing. Oh well luckily they have free lectures and screenings for me to go to,thanks to the invitations of lecturers.

Here is a funny story I would like to share,originally there is supposed to be 3-5 of my classmates who signed up with the program. On the first day they came in,but I did not see them for this entire week. It is such a pity because they are so many lessons in regards to film restoration,so I would summarize my thoughts of that programme

The Highlights

1)Two Italian Neo-realism films in a row!

Nice! Personally I do think that I need to watch more Italian Neo-Realism films-the last one I watched was Umberto D which is like ages. Of course one does not simply skip a double dose of Italian Neo-Realism films. It was interesting as both broke the conventions of what I perceive of Italian Neo-Realism films,Rossellini do have that flair that is very opposite to Satiro’s sparse style and I liked it. Both are very strong films of their own…However Stromboli(1950,Rossellini) etch a very strong impression,that I nearly teared at the ending.

2)Meeting Apichatpong Weerasethakul

I know his name due to Uncle Boommee (2011) by actually him discussing his debut film was an eye-opener. In addition I do have a quick chat with him and he is a very easy guy to talk too! Apparently The French do love his films. It makes me wanna watch his body of works (Recommendations for him please)

3)Lawrence of Arabia and Taxi Driver restoration (in addition watching Taxi Driver)

It’s sad that Glover Crisp is unable to discuss his works on the restoration of these two Sony Classics! However by the look of the restoration clips,I was tearing up on the inside. It looks gorgeous on screen…I mean seeing the clips on the big movie screen it was mind-blowing. I was cursing to myself that Singapore should bring this,I mean if you are looking for film restoration-Lawrence of Arabia was one of them. The main head Dario said that it was the most remarkable restorations in 10 years.  I did approach the head of my local cinematechque if it is possible to bring that film here. So crossing my fingers to get this film on the big screen

In addition guys,if you do manage to catch Taxi Driver on the big screen,I swear it was the most magical moments here. The cinematography looks amazing,I was soaked to that film. It was mind-blowing beautiful.

4)Why do we restore films talk

Perhaps I see it as the most important talk among this week,yes you can have the practical aspects of fixing each film strip but why do we restore? It’s not glamourous. It is to give future people a glance on the past as we seen films as time capsules of cultural and historical significance. I nearly teared at the end and gave a quiet hell yeah. It retouched that core why I wanted films to be restored.That quote that Gian Lucan (The head of Cinema Bologona) said “You never battle alone” just tugged me.

Things what I learned from this week

  1. The state of Asian film archives blew my mind big time,for a while I have been bugging my local archive if I could take part. That panel enlightened me on that state,film preservation is Asia is considered second priority. I think we need to change that! I mean we need to get people excited about film preservation
  2. I do need to be more unaware about the filmmakers around my region…Watching Lewat Djam Malam (1954) by an Indonesian filmmaker that I do not know,gave me a shocker….I feel that film reminded me of a teen melodrama Nicholas Ray’s Rebel Without a Cause..Yes it’s local yet it have a global film. It happened that I blog a picture on tumblr and there is a response of it…It happens they wanted to watch that..Sadly the films of my region is not easily available…so there is a big problem..
  3. Lastly I do feel that young persons need to be excited about film preservation,being the only person who is neither an archivist or a working adult but a film student. It is a shame that we do not take these lessons… I know it’s not interesting as shooting it but personally we need a love for old films and do not disregard them as films that are stuffy and old. As Martin Scorsese said “Movies touch our hearts and awaken our vision, and change the way we see things. They take us to other places, they open doors and minds. Movies are the memories of our life time, we need to keep them alive.” If we do not care about the films. It could be gone and it’s sad. So I am hoping that the museum would at these people.

Overall it was an eye opening event on film restoration,I would like to thank the ushers who greeted me fondly when I came early,a lady Yvonne who I bumped at the Taxi Driver screening always eager at my thoughts,Mr Gian Lucan Farellini for such a moving speech on the preservation of film and the cinematechque team who made this event possible. I would like to end my thoughts of that event with a quote of Martin Scorsese,an advocate of film preservation

” And that’s actually part of the wonder. Whenever I hear people dismiss movies as “fantasy” and make a hard distinction between film and life, I think to myself that it’s just a way of avoiding the power of cinema. Of course it’s not life—it’s the invocation of life, it’s in an ongoing dialogue with life.”

These films spoke about our lives whenever the past or now. That is why we need to preserve that heritage

The western goes East

Hey everyone! Apologies for the silence as I have been busy. Well good news I am back to film school and I would like to share with you on my workshop experience. Well I am in my specialisim so I am majoring in Production design (super underrated area in film) and minoring in Screenwriting. Ok here is the thing I am not too good in creating my ideas clear despite having too many! Well it’s a struggle for me,but look at the bright side… It’s much better for me fiddling the camera n Premiere Pro lol.

It happens that the brother of Hugo Weaving (aka Elrond from the LOTR fans adn Mr smith from the Matrix) came over to my school to conduct a workshop. Of course I was fangirling because I get to meet a sibling of a famous celebrity. Ok you must look professional as it was someone big. Apparently he is friends with my head

Well you get to be taught by him,he was the funniest,warm and overall pretty awesome lecturer. He has the coolest background ever,a film critic,screenwriter n even an organizer. I sense the Weaving siblings are darn talented. He share fun snippets of his life n his knowledge do enlighten me! He even shared a story of how Hugo Weaving got his role in V for Vendetta.

For films-wise,well I get to know the Western genre better. Of course if you are interested,my reviews are here (Expect for The Good,Bad and The Weird) The western goes east. It does help to fill up for screenwriting and plus I do get to create my fierce bitch character here.

Well if you guys do have that chance to meet him for lessons,it was a great one!

The power of cinema-A reflection from Black Orpheus (Orfeu Negro)

Ever since I came off from projects,I have been catching up on my habit of film watching. This afternoon I decided to catch Marcel Camus’ classic- Black Orpheus. It was a coincidence that I ever knew about this film was from a classmate who I know her well. I was doing my work when she whatsapp me on asking what films I want as she was in the library. She suggested  Orpheus,of course I was thinking of Jean Coeteau’s Orpheus as I really wanted to watch it for a while.  She recommended me a title because of a script I wrote was based on Greek Mythology. However she surprised me when I saw this title,Camus’ Black orpheus . Normally I don’t see my film cohort being that keen in art-house or classic films (I am the only one in my batch that watched a varied amount of films). Of course I was delighted that I can see that I make a small impact to my classmates of watching films that is beyond their comfort zone. Pity that it was in Blu-ray,and I have to find the DVD version of it.

Now fast-forward to today,I decided that I would just curl up to this film in my new movie room (small television and DVD player,not the fanciest but it beats nothing to me hogging my parents’ television time for film-watching). Those who are unfamiliar to this film,it was basically a retelling of the Orpheus myth in one of the most important festivals in Brazil-Carnivale,a village girl meets a trolley man. There with my green tea cuppa and some snacks,I started watching this film with no expectations.

After I watched this film,after a long hiatus of bottling my emotions, I was overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of Orfeu Negro. I became like a child,I cannot put in my adult rational in that film. I could recall a few times where I was overwhelmed by a film and changed my life.

There is Across The Universe,that is where I wanted to create films that “changed the world“. I was a naive dreamer then at 19. Along came David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia,that shook me to the core. There comes Yume by Akira Kurosawa. In my film screening classes I seen Match Factory Girl (I was in tears when I talked to my lecturer about this film),Of Time and The City,Bresson’s Pickpocket and A Man Escaped. This semester I was mind-blown by The Diving Bell and The Butterfly and Antonia’s line. At home,I was overwhelmed by Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon,The Pianist and Amadeus. For some reason I have that tendency to suspend my rational and simply watch it as if it was in the audience’s perspective.

Perhaps Orfeu Negro impacts me even more because I just needed to watch films to get away from the stress of film school and my dilemmas for my future. It was rare for me to become speechless after watching a film. I have seen sights of Brazil in travel documentaries in television where people gleefully said here is the beautiful city and show the typical sights of Brazil. However Marcel Camus transported me into the chaos of the Carnival with such eye-popping visuals of colour. I mean I cannot shake that feeling that I thought I was in the crowd itself.

There came along the bossa nova soundtrack which peeped up otherwise tragic tale of Orpheus and Eurdyrice which I am familiar with. The tunes adds that authenticity of Brazil which is rare to find in your typical travel shows.

For once I feel so many emotions,I laughed at the silly antics,I grew upset when I see Orfeu’s grief and was even angry on Mira’s cruel treatment on Eudryrice. I was surprised that I feel hopeful at the idyllic ending when I see the tragic death of the lovers. It kindled me a memory form watching Jean Renoir’s The River few months ago. For some odd reason both have somewhat philosophical endings,it said hey life goes around whenever the circumstances.It was pure beauty. I somewhat smiled at the ending which was a shock to me.

Somehow Orfeu Negro restored my faith in cinema as I recalled a moment where I cried at Jeff’s doubting in Mr Smith Goes to Washington. I just needed that punch from my cynical self of going through shoot and shoot . As one of my favourite film Tumblr blogs Salesonfilm summarized that feeling “it’s like when you see a fellini for the first time after being raised on the cheap american fanboy simulacrum canon for twenty years and you just feel like crawling into a ball and weeping because you realize you’ve been wasting your life on movies and not cinema and all the possibilities of art assault you with their beauty and you feel ugly because of it.”  It’s like rediscovering what is the connective tissue of cinema as Lord Puttnam talked in a seminar,is unifying people of different continents to see a film that is so relatable. I then need to stop bitching to myself that no one would have that capacity to watch this type of films,because I am the only one who understands it. Orfeu Negro’s beauty is perhaps the purest,it was about unrequited love and jealousy which everyone can relate to,whenever you are an American student or a Chinese clerk. If it could unite a person who is unaware about art cinema,like my classmate who is into action and thriller films then cinema have done its job. It connects people together because they will share the same feelings too with you. That is the beauty of cinema which I learned today from watching this film. No matter what your taste,values or whatever,we are connected by that tissue.

To end off my reflection,here is a quote of another favourite film of mine Cloud Atlas

Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.

Like how we needed others,perhaps cinema bound everyone,no matter what circumstances. A film can change the world and mindsets. To me that is why I am always falling back to the world of cinema


“I guess I got a lot of healing to do”-Darjeeling Limited and its look to the inner self with Renoir and Ray.

Hello guys! First of all,happy 2013 to all my readers! Now to kick off the new year,I will start talking about one of Wes Anderson’s under-appericated films-The Darjeeling Limited. For those who did not watch this film,it may contain spoilers of the film. I suggest that you should watch this film before reading my comparisons

Read more…

Wes Anderson filmography ranking.

Hello again,my dear readers…the good news is that I finished the whole filmography of Wes Anderson! Therefore I would be talking about my top Wes Anderson films and my thoughts about it.

O.K if you guys did not hear about Wes Anderson or heard about his films (I suggest you do it now before I stab with you the scissors). I would do a small biography of that man and his aueteur style.

Wes Anderson was perhaps the most upcoming aueters,yes you would either be charmed by his charming style of directing or perhaps find it a ripoff from Jeneut. I am in one of those groups who fall in love with his works. Yes he deliver comedies,but it’s not those haha moments. It was dry but it was enjoyable. It was a mix of dysfunctional families,a unique colour palette and great soundtracks (I am surprised that he have the same taste as me). Recently I found out there was a bingo game dedicated to spotting Wes Anderson’s signatures

Yup,no denial that Wes have its own style 😉

With the recent acclaim of his recent work Moonrise Kingdom,with a nomination of Golden Globes (Congrats Wes!) and a new film The Grand Budpast Hotel,a period piece with a stellar cast (For me I am damn excited to hear that F Murray Abraham is in this film) which homages to Billy Wilder and Ernest Lubistch. I am going to give my two-cents of the Wes Anderson filmography. (In order of my preferences)

1)Rushmore (1998)

Story:An eccentric teenager Max Fischer,faced academic probation while he fall in love with a lonely kindergarten teacher Ms Cross while holding a friendship with Mr Blume.

My views:I could say this film is perhaps the most relatable films for me among Wes’ filmography and my instant favourite. I called it the Graduate in reverse (here another favourite film of mine). It is a little wry,yet it have the most touching moments on growing up and learning to find your purpose in life. I particularly loved the performance of Jason Schwartzman here.

Favourite Wes Anderson music moment: I would choose Ooh La La By Faces ending,because it just fit on that moment where Max met his unrequited love Ms Cross and just dance away. Damn it,it was too beautiful and quite a bittersweet ending. I loved the revenge sequence of “A quick one who got away” by The Who,it was quite hilarious as hell and pretty unexpected.

Favourite Wes Anderson quote:  “Sic transit gloria. Glory fades. I’m Max Fischer.”

2)Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Story: Two outcasts Sam and Suzy ran away while the entire community of New Penzance were looking for those runaway lovers.

My views: Being the first Wes Anderson film I watched,I instantly fall in love with his style with Moonrise Kingdom. I said it was the best cast ever with some surprises like Bruce Wills as the cop,Edward Norton as Scout Master Ward and cameos of Tilda Swinton and Harvery Ketiel are pretty awesome. However it was the two child stars that took the attention for me for adapting Wes’ whimsical style and their chemistry is flawless.

Favourite Wes Anderson music moment:No denial,I probably played this tune more than 60 times in my iTunes library,Le Temps D’Amour by Francoise Hardy. I mean that scene of the two kids dancing in the beach and having a damn good time,there it goes to them doing the french kissing is that personification of young love. The chemistry of the actors are just perfection,with that awkwardness that we experience when we fall in love for the first time. Ever since this was my favourite Wes Anderson soundtrack piece. If I have to choose a second,it would be the narrator’s telling with Simple Symphony, Op.4 – 2. Playful Pizzicato. It is just perfect and add this childlike feel for this film.

Favourite Wes Anderson Quote: “I made you some jewelry. Are your ears pierced?”  (Yup that next moment is pure comedy when you hear Suzy scream and there she think it looks pretty.)

3) Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

Story:Based on a book by Roald Dahl,Mr Fox,a former chicken thief pulled out the biggest heist in years,which threaten his community.

My Views:Screw it,this book was part of my childhood. Fantastic Mr. Fox was one of these books that I loved to read. I am pleasantly surprised over his adaptation on my favourite childhood book. It just make a good book much better and cause me to want to reread this book again. It have one of my favourite soundtracks of Wes Anderson and of course translating his quirky style to stop-motion animation was incredible. Maybe it is not for the little kids because of its dry humor,but it’s a worthwhile watch.

Favourite Wes Anderson music moment: O.K the soundtrack of Fanatstic Mr Fox is super duper amazing,and I often played this. This have won for the best nostalgic award,when they played Love from my childhood film Robin Hood .This one was hard to find,that even my twin sister freaked out when she did not notice that reference..look out for that moment where Krisstoftern dived into the pool,that is where they played that song. For the rest,I do love the use of The Beach Boys here,especially Heroes and Villains,Street Fighting Man by The Rolling Stones for the battle with the rat and Mr Fox. Of course the ending tune-Let Her Dance is the winner for me and keep everyone in a good mood. Scores-wise they did that great job on that ditty on Boggis,Bunce and Bean.

Favourite Wes Anderson quote: Mrs. Fox: [to Ash] We’re all different. [indicates Mr. FoxMrs. Fox: Especially him. But there’s something kind of fantastic about that, isn’t there? (I would choose that damn hilarious King John-esque moment where they sang the song on Mr fox’s adventures)

4) The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

Story:A dysfunctional families of former geniuses came along,when the absent Patriarch Royal came back to tell his family that he was going to die.

My Views: Perhaps it was a more heartfelt and absolutely funny,yup it did take the attention for an extremely witty script,great soundtrack and of course very great acting. One of my favourite Wes Anderson characters is of course Royal which is played wonderfully by Gene Hackman (Yup he is an asshole but I love that man).  Of course it gave me a new perspective on actors that I consider to be that damn overrated like Ben Stiler and Gwyneth Partrow. Yes I can see that Owen Wilson can actually act pretty well thanks to Wes Anderson’s direction. Perhaps it have the best ensemble chemistry besides Moonrise Kingdom. Of course the set design is pretty gorgeous to look at.

Favourite Wes Anderson music moment: This holds for the second,for best use of popular music. I love the medley of She Smiled sweetly/Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones where Margot and Richie met together. I mean the emotions was absolutely perfect there and of course the lyrics of that song Ruby Tuesday just make my heart ache so much.

Favourite Wes Anderson quote:

Royal: Got a minute?
Ethel: [startled] What are you doing here?
Royal: Uh, I need a favour. I want to spend some time with you and the children.
Ethel: Are you crazy?
[she carries on walking]
Royal: Well, wait a minute, dammit!
Ethel: Stop following me!
Royal: Well, I want my family back.
Ethel: Well, you can’t have it! I’m sorry for you, but it’s too late.
Royal: Well, listen… Baby, I’m dying.
[she stops]
Royal: Yeah, I-I’m sick as a dog. I’ll be dead in six weeks. I’m dying.
Ethel: What are you talking about? What’s happening? Oh, I’m sorry… I didn’t know…
[starts crying]
Ethel: Well, what’d they say? What is the prognosis?
Royal: [trying to comfort her] Take it easy, Ethel. Now, hold on, baby, hold on. Hold on, OK?
[she starts wailing]
Ethel: Where is the doctor?
Royal: Well, look, just wait a second now. Wait a second. OK, uh, listen, I’m not dying… but I need some time. A month or so. OK? I want us to-to…
[she slaps him hard]
Ethel: WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? Are you crazy?
[she walks off]
Royal: Ethel, baby… I am dying.
[she comes back to him]
Ethel: Are you or aren’t you?
Royal: What? Dying? Yeah.

yes we did that for directing class,here Gene Hackman and Huston are just flawless together here!

5) Bottle Rocket (1994)

Story: 3 young dreamers Anthony,Digman and Bob planned a big heist mission in order to achieve these dreams.

My Views:Being that debut film of Wes Anderson,this have some of his style. Some parts are little dry and sometimes confusing for me. However it shows me again that Owen Wilson can act pretty well and the cinematography is pretty amazing. Music-wise it’s a little resemblance to his current films.

Favourite Wes Anderson music moment: Arrgggghh I can’t remember any music from Bottle Rocket D: It’s not one of my favourite soundtracks here..

Favourite Wes Anderson quote: “What do you think I was doing the whole time you were out there man? I told you Dignan got fired, out on his ass. But you didn’t think about that, did you. In the end it’s easier to think about yourself than it is to think about Dignan.”

6)Hotel Chevailer/The Darjeeling limited (2007)

Story: 3 estranged brothers went through a spiritual journey in India after a year of their father’ s death.

My views:This film is slightly serious as opposed to his previous works where he used the playfulness of Truffaut and Welles. Here Wes Anderson was inspired by Jean Renoir’s The River and Sajitay Ray’s films. While I find the story to be lacking in some parts especially the spiritual aspect of it. However I find this film the strongest for Wes’ visual style in bold splashes of blue and yellow. Music-wise,it was a contrast as he used Ray’s film scores for his soundtrack which was quite bold. However I prefer the use of The Kinks and that little ditty. The acting of Brody,Wilson and Schwartzman are pretty great that I am convinced that they are brothers.

For Hotel Chevalier,I like that short,this is where he is at his strongest in compressing his unique style within 3 minutes and of course it have one of my other favourite Wes Anderson music moments. I suggest that you watched the short before the film,because in the dialogue,one of the brothers wrote his experience depicted in his short.

Favourite Wes Anderson music moment: Yes I am in love with that Peter Sarsdelt: Where do you go (My lovely). I called this a perfect F- you song to your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend/ best friend thanks to Darjeeling Limited. Do watch it and you get what I mean. For the rest,it’s not the Ray’s scores,I love Strangers by The Kinks and of course that sneaky Rolling Stones song “Play with Fire”

Favourite Wes Anderson quote: “I wonder if the three of us would’ve been friends in real life. Not as brothers, but as people.”

7)The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)

Story:Steve Zissou,an oceangrapher goes with is misfit crew to hunt for the mythical jaguar shark.

My Views: Perhaps this film was one of the least favorite Wes Anderson films among critics. I am one of them,while I enjoyed the whimsical animation of the sea creatures and the production design of the ship’s interior. I am not in favor with the story-plot which was pretty messy for my taste and the acting was pretty bad despite having two of his veterans Bill Murray and Anjelica Huston. Soundtrack-wise,it does not fit the film’s atmosphere unfortunately despite Seu Jorge’s great renditions to Bowie classics.

Favourite Wes Anderson music moment: As I am not much of a Bowie fan,I can’t comment much how it fits the film’s context . Seu’s covers are amazing but however I think it does not fit the film. However I do like “Queen Bitch” ending sequence (with a great jam of that song by Seu himself) and Life on Mars by Bowie himself.

Favourite Wes Anderson quote: “Oh, shit! Swamp leeches. Everybody, check for swamp leeches, and pull them off… Nobody else got hit? I’m the only one? What’s the deal?”

So anyway here is my rundown of the Wes Anderson filmography! So do let me know what are you favourite Wes Anderson films by your comments or my tumblr page! Now I am looking forward to his next film

An appreciation to The Big Lebowski (1998)

Well I heard about this cult-classic through some cinephile friends and lecturers,there I managed to get this cult classic in conjunction with Jeff Bridges (A.K.A the Dude)’s b’day on 4 December….I decided to watch this classic. I hate to admit it,I am in love with this film. It’s not in a fangirling manner and here are my reasons. Whenever you find it in a wink in your local Tv like this

Or perhaps it is just a quick stumbling like me

The Dude Abides!

For the history of this film,before The Coen brothers made Barton Fink (Another fave of mine). It was a box-office disappointment if you look in a financial producing perspective and of course it came out with mixed reviews if you are in a film critic’s perspective. Well like red wine,it aged well with time during its quirkiness and great dialouge. So here is the story of the Big Lebowski is simply about a slacker Jeff Lebowski A.K.A The Dude who got himself in a mess when he was mistaken for the cold millionaire Jeffery Lebowski and there it snowballed to the kidnap of his wife and of course a friend who wanted the cash. Yup we have the WTH face,a slacker doing something crazy. Of course it wasn’t your cheesy Hollywood thing,when you encounter the Coen Brothers-it became something different.

First of all,what I loved about The Big lebowski-it was seriously quotable. Here is the assortment of the quotes you would say.

Of course we struggle with the writing of dialogue,but the beauty of Lebowski was how natural the dialouge is and I dare you not to say “F***in’ A” or my version Freaking A! after watching the film. I keep on quoting the dude line randomly.

It leads to my second favourite thing from The big Lebowski is the extremely comedic moments. I think every part of the film is hilarous. Here is are my  favourite moments

I am surprised they should add this as one of the moments that used classical music. This never ever grows old for me. I dunno why the use of Mozart’s Requiem in such a serious moment and The Dude going “Ok..yah…” while Mr Lebowski discussed something serious is hilarious. This is how to use classical music for comedic effect

This itself is also pretty too priceless,here a chirpy song played a snowballing effect to find something mysterious.

Of course there are so many honorable mentions for the best moments of that film,anyway man…this film is just hilarious that I could narrow down with these few.

There it lead me why I loved the Big Lebowski,the great performances for so many underrated actors-may I give a shout-out to John Goodman as Walter ? He was a favourite for me ever since Barton Fink,everytime he keep shouting “Donny Shut the Fuck Up” with such comedic timing and of course the “Stranger” is too epic. Of Course we abide the “Dude” Jeff Bridges is awesome as the Dude. We actually symphatize him on his journey and Bridges make him so believable to the point most of the “Dude”clothes were actually his.

I saw this post once and thought I like to share with you because it summarised the film in an interesting light is about the perceptions of masculinity. O.K I was mind-blown that I could take some exercepts from it

“Anyway, like I was saying, the film answers a single, very important philosophical question, a question that is posed at the beginning of the film by The Big Lebowski (the character): “What makes a man?”

The rest of the film is devoted to answering this question. Or, if I were to rephrase this in a way relevant to reality, the film questions the conventional notion of a “man” or masculinity in today’s society.

The film takes all pre-conceived societal notions about masculinity being defined as body image, and turns all of that on its head with Jeff Bridge’s character The Dude. Here we have: an unemployed slacker and stoner, physically unfit, cowardly, poor, etc. etc. As far from society’s (and the audience’s!) notion of what a real manly character should be.

And yet. By the end of the movie, one can certainly make the claim that The Dude is NOT cowardly. Doesn’t he spend the film trying to dive to the bottom of a mystery that he doesn’t even want to be a part of? Despite what he may appear to be on the outside, by the end of the movie The Dude is definitely more courageous and willing to do what’s right than at the beginning.

When I watched in the end-I simply go what the hell,but love the comedy. There after reading this post,it gained my respect for this film. How do we perceive the idea of masculinity,not by appearance but his traits and willingness.  It is quite philosophical especially learning to take things by stride. I actually loved this quote from The Dude to move on life. Even before I watched that film,I actually reblogged a GIF set on this line and it helps me in so many ways

Perhaps that is why it sprouted conventions and revitalize a long-forgotten cocktail.Of course it helps that this film can be seen in different perspectives,when it was a modern take of The Big Sleep or simply a comedy to laugh on. You must attempt this comedy. You should!

Les Enfants du Paradis expérience-the magic of the big screen

The Highlight for me last night 🙂

During that gruelling semester,I received a very wonderful surprise in school email inbox. Here I have the saying on this film

It has been brought to my attention that one of the greatest films ever made (yes!) is screening at the National Museum of Singapore in December. It is Marcel Carne’s LES ENFANTS DU PARADIS – made in 1945 during the German occupation of France. I cannot recommend this film highly enough – it is about the theatre – and so much more – and featuring some of France’s finest actors of that time, including the great Jean Louis Barrault. You will never forget seeing this film – it may even change your perspective about acting.  

Of course – you can hire/download this and watch it on a small screen – but this does not do this masterpiece any justice. To experience the full impact of this film you need to see it on the big screen.

Of course I cannot resist that offer (aside from my much needed Singapore film society offer for free tickets). My country do show old films once in a while on the big screen. Plus I know that experience of watching on the big screen is amazing,having watched Bertloucci’s The Last Emperor on the big screen last May. Plus I heard about the restoration of that French classic,so of course I wanted to go there.

Plot-wise,it was a love triangle between a mime Baptiste (Played wonderfully by Jean-Louis Barrault) and Garache,a free-spirited socialite. Yup it sounds like your atypical Korean melodrama or even worse (for my case) Fleming’s Gone with The Wind which I loathe. Luckily it did not go for this route for me. (More will be talked on my tumblr blog)

It was pretty hard for me to stay up all night to watch this beauty,with an uncomfortable seat and an extremely warm air-con (I remember the last time I came,it was freakin’ cold). I feel slightly ashamed to go back and forth to the toilet and secretly binging snacks and water to keep me alert. I am not too happy with the projection though,it was seen as squashed and did not do justice to the restoration of that beautiful film. Yes I am ranting it out on the flaws of the screening,as I seen better screenings than this.

As I went back home,I realize that I could also have that big-screen experience at my own home. I am more comfortable in my slacks,binging on snacks that would add calories and enjoy the coolness. While my country do not have that culture like America that consistently showed films of old. My local library is more than enough to satisfy my cravings for great cinema with its varied amount of DVDS.  I could borrow all the Criterion DVDS I want,sit on my couch and enjoy it. If I am exhausted,there is always a pause button and there I go for my little breaks. In addition,there is no irritating people gossiping on the big-screen.

However it was worth it to see films on the big screen was the audience’s reactions whenever it was foreign expats or the locals (I am surprised there is a decent amount of locals coming along to see this film-my faith in Singaporeans being cinephiles is restored). We laughed at Fredrick’s exaggerated actions,I hear the ohhhhhs on Pierre-François discovering the ill-fated lovers and of course we got hurt by the parting of Baptisite and Garcahane. (I was ugly-sobbing on the inside when I see this ending). Even as I left that hall,that British Lady hold on to my shoulder and recalled on watching that film.It was brief but it made my night. As Lynch commented on why we watched films “You go to films for different reasons: just go, and then there are ones that get down and thrill your soul.” It was definitely the experience that everyone feel is universal.

I say,while it is nice to watch all old movies I want in my DVD player at the comfort of my own home. However it does not replicate that universal emotion the audience have together. I am not saying that you must sit on the big-screen all the time to enjoy it. It might be at your own home. I think enjoying films is everywhere….As I shall conclude with a quote

I didn’t grow up thinking of movies as film, or art, but as movies, something to do on a Saturday afternoon.
Sydney Pollack

No matter where I watch a film,I am enthralled by the magic of film. It’s a way of life. Like the film’s setup,we are just watching a performance of ourselves here.

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