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2013 in retrospect

Well everyone it is going to be the end of 2013..well it have been a hell of a year in film for me. Sadly I do not have much time to watch films and I seem to be focused on Televison series on the second half of the year. It does not mean I will stop watching it. I just find television programs easier to catch on

I am become a Whovian (aka the nerd of Doctor Who) after two attempts and it is fitting that it was the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. I am glad for that new journey as a Whovian. For the next few months til August I would be catching up Classic Who mostly Tom Baker and McCoy.

I discovered Sherlock-such a great mini series with acting from Freeman and Cumberbatch

For films-wise

Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man-GODAMNIT it was beautiful,in addition I am excited for his latest film Only Lovers Left Alive

The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings are pretty mind-blowing for me especially after visiting the Shire in N.Z. I mean I questioned to myself why I did not watch that!

Richard II from The Hollow Crown

Oh my god,I know the play towards David Tennant acting in this play..Guess what I found a Shakespearean play that have so much depth. It stuck in my mind with Whishaw’s haunting performance.

Black Orpheus by Marcel Came-God it was beautiful!

Watching Taxi Driver and two Italian Neo-Realist films ( Vulcano and Stromboli) in the big screen for me in Film Restoration Asia-guys. Man it was mind-blowing! It was sooo good

Two deaths that struck me recently

Kumar Pallana

Being a big Wes Anderson fan,it saddens me that one of his collaborators passed away. I hope Wes would do a tribute to him for the Grand Budapest Hotel because he makes a difference for him.

Before Christmas,my acting hero Peter O’Toole passed away..It have a been a week. I still cannot comprehend on the passing of that man. I miss him dearly and I do wish I would have a chance to say thank you to him.

However I do managed to meet with 3 famous persons

Lord David Puttnam,this man is my hero. Ever since he talked to us via Skype in my film school. He does enegrize me with his love for stories. I do meet him on February and my god it was one of the best moments in my film life. I would love to go to the education area. Aside from Peter O’Toole,David Lean. Lord David Puttnam is the best human if you get to meet him,you would be changed

I get to meet  Apichatpong Weerasethakul at film restoration asia where he introduced his debut film. He is very easy to talk to and wonderful 🙂

Simon Weaving-Hugo Weaving’s brother (Yep I nerd a bit when I heard that Elrond’s brother is teaching us). He is an amazing and fun guy ! BTW his lessons are damn fun

Making friends with Missmirandaslife,she is lovely! I love you gal!

Now here are the films/TV Shows I am looking forward for 2014

  • Sherlock Season 2 (It’s coming after new year’s day YES!)
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Captain America 2:Winter Solider
  • Only Lovers Left Alive
  • The Hobbit -There and Back Again
  • Doctor Who Season 8-with Mr Capaldi

My goals for next year

Well I am using a Doctor Who quote as one of my resolutions

“We all change. When you think about it, we’re all different people all through our lives, and that’s okay, that’s good, you gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be.”

This year have been pretty tough for me,realizing that I am not too fantastic in the practical aspects of film and of course shooting makes me a nervous wreck. Man I realize I loved writing about films and I am reading more often (My literature nerd is leaking in me)

  • Improve my grammar and spelling-well I am going to write films for my degree,might as well get started
  • Try not to put a face in front of others,it is pretty much a bitch. I have to do this to fit in.
  • Take care of myself and be more postivite.
  • Try to watch at least 1-2 films per week,I am getting lazy because of tumblr.

So Happy 2014 everyone!


Thinking back on my Wes Anderson paper

Well hello guys again,yes I am still alive and I would try my best to keep it updated as possible. However I cannot gurantee as my third year is getting busy with projects and of course that dreaded dissertation paper that every student have to do. Now speaking about dissertation paper,O.K you have 8,000 words to write with your specialism. Well for the majority of my cohort,they dreaded it like the plague and meanwhile I was going “O.K no biggie” as I have ideas on writing on my topic on Production Design (It was the neglected child of the film theorists gang-you better change something O.K?)

Now here comes my story, being in my nerdy phase of watching The Hobbit and LOTR. I thought that it would be fricking awesome to do a dissentation on it. However my fairy-tales and mythology nerd have somewhat took away my topic. Luckily I do have some backup topics on what I want to write,I am also itching to attempt to do Wes Anderson’s mise-en-scene for my writing (I mean it was a Production Designer’s dream). My lecturer was like yup,your idea is more solid. So it sealed me the deal of Wes Anderson as my dissertation. Of course I was elated with joy that I get to watch Wes Anderson’s filmography again and writing about that guy is pretty sweet.

For the past few weeks I have been kinda of talking non-stop but Wes Anderson films to everyone who breathes even to my mum (Of course one of my classmates make me have a fangirl freakout when he mentioned that he finished Grand Budpast Hotel). I watched his films (with commentary thanks to criterioncommentaries when I was freaking out that my TDL (The Darjeeling Limited bluray cannot play in my DVD). Whenever I have a chance to get a seat at my local MRT (It was kinda like Singapore’s version of the tube or Subway) I scribbled notes on the settings and costumes,and process what it means. Every night I milked out Mother Google in finding articles about Wes Anderson (which was very little) and read it to get understanding. I changed my Itunes music to my playlist of Wes Anderson’s soundtracks and film commentaries (God bless Criterion collection for these beauties). I thought of people that need to work with him. Whenever I listen a song from the soundtrack of his,it flash me back the moment where it was held.

There is one moment I became Sherlock in his mind-palace  during Production Design class (with the punch of milk tea in the morning). I cannot stop but to think about Wes Anderson’s sets

I cannot fathom my fascination about him,his eye of detail is just killer-OMG the plate become significant and even the scruff thanks to his hands. I sometimes feel pretty inferior to Wes Anderson’s gorgeous production designs. I became restless. I just feel amazed and in awe of my new idol. I became sucked into his worlds of irony and brokeness.

However the reading of the key texts on aueter theory was pretty much a bitch. Usually I can understand a text easily and somehow it absorbed in my brain. I cannot wrangle what Francois Truffaut and Andre Bazin is trying to say,even the late Andrew Sarris have left me pretty baffled. The film gods are probably laughing at me on my lack of understanding.

Fast forward to this week,I have just received feedback from my lecturer in regards to my proposal. It wasn’t great as I think. I suddenly have my “The Graduate” moment when Benjamin is pretty shocked on Mrs Robinson’s seduction

I have to submit that proposal this week on Monday,with projects on..It’s gonna be  a bitch….. I have that writer’s block. Today I attempted to reconstruct my proposal to be clear as I humanly can (I am pretty much everywhere like Sherlock). I questioned why the hell do I want to write about that director that I slowly grew respect on. I could have done David Lean,my ultimate film god or something simpler but why Wes Anderson?

There I have that revelation after attending someone’s funeral after my feedback session. While hearing all of the eulogies and trying to be the rock of my twin sister,weeping eyes of for a person we barely knew. I immediately of  that scene of the first film I watched in conjunction of my paper-The Darjeeling Limited . That scene where the Whitman brothers witness a funeral of the boy Peter (Adrien Brody) is unable to save. It was set in Wes’ slow-mo shot with the song “Strangers” by The Kinks. Everyone was silent,all united by grief like his family members and friends dear to that person. I suddenly seen a vignette of my sister as Peter,that scene in the toilet where he was moved by Jack’s story as she cried for that stranger she is unaware of. Slowly it unveiled to me that I relate to The Darjeeling Limited (and slowly falling in love with this film)-I was like Francis (Owen Wilson)-I can be bossy and ambitious,my eldest sister was like Peter and my twin was like Jack (Jason Schwartzman),she kept most to herself and only tell me. I fought with my siblings like this. On that night after the funeral service,I can’t sleep so I decided to journal that night and I recalled moments when I see  myself as these characters he created-Max Fischer(Jason Schwartzman) from Rushmore

I m not too good in film school technically. I am pretty ambitious like him. I loved his saying “Do something you like and do for the rest of your life” gave me that comfort especially receiving my results.

The Royal Tenenbeums which I watched a few days ago is like my family where sometimes it gets pretty dysfunctional but we loved each other in the end.

His characters are just like me,struggling the problems of the adult world in their childlike way. All have vignettes of me in so many ways. That revelation struck me on that night. Perhaps why I wanted to write that paper so badly that I make everyone pretty annoyed about me loving Wes Anderson. It is because Wes Anderson touched me on that personal level. If David Lean woke me up on the beauty of cinema with his epic of Lawrence of Arabia. Perhaps Wes Anderson touched the heart in saying how can cinema impacted me personally. His wry characters navigating a broken world which is otherworldly grounded in reality. Some people find it indulgent,others loathed of his boringness. Whatever. If it touched the right people at the right mindset,then that is the beauty of cinema. Maybe it give me that clinging hope and strength to tread through my semester of writing nothing but him. So Wes…whenever you are busy preparing for the release of Budpast (BTW excited like hell)…thank you very much…..I said that I am very proud that my dissertation would be about your fantastic works which one day may touch people as much as me.

The power of cinema-A reflection from Black Orpheus (Orfeu Negro)

Ever since I came off from projects,I have been catching up on my habit of film watching. This afternoon I decided to catch Marcel Camus’ classic- Black Orpheus. It was a coincidence that I ever knew about this film was from a classmate who I know her well. I was doing my work when she whatsapp me on asking what films I want as she was in the library. She suggested  Orpheus,of course I was thinking of Jean Coeteau’s Orpheus as I really wanted to watch it for a while.  She recommended me a title because of a script I wrote was based on Greek Mythology. However she surprised me when I saw this title,Camus’ Black orpheus . Normally I don’t see my film cohort being that keen in art-house or classic films (I am the only one in my batch that watched a varied amount of films). Of course I was delighted that I can see that I make a small impact to my classmates of watching films that is beyond their comfort zone. Pity that it was in Blu-ray,and I have to find the DVD version of it.

Now fast-forward to today,I decided that I would just curl up to this film in my new movie room (small television and DVD player,not the fanciest but it beats nothing to me hogging my parents’ television time for film-watching). Those who are unfamiliar to this film,it was basically a retelling of the Orpheus myth in one of the most important festivals in Brazil-Carnivale,a village girl meets a trolley man. There with my green tea cuppa and some snacks,I started watching this film with no expectations.

After I watched this film,after a long hiatus of bottling my emotions, I was overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of Orfeu Negro. I became like a child,I cannot put in my adult rational in that film. I could recall a few times where I was overwhelmed by a film and changed my life.

There is Across The Universe,that is where I wanted to create films that “changed the world“. I was a naive dreamer then at 19. Along came David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia,that shook me to the core. There comes Yume by Akira Kurosawa. In my film screening classes I seen Match Factory Girl (I was in tears when I talked to my lecturer about this film),Of Time and The City,Bresson’s Pickpocket and A Man Escaped. This semester I was mind-blown by The Diving Bell and The Butterfly and Antonia’s line. At home,I was overwhelmed by Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon,The Pianist and Amadeus. For some reason I have that tendency to suspend my rational and simply watch it as if it was in the audience’s perspective.

Perhaps Orfeu Negro impacts me even more because I just needed to watch films to get away from the stress of film school and my dilemmas for my future. It was rare for me to become speechless after watching a film. I have seen sights of Brazil in travel documentaries in television where people gleefully said here is the beautiful city and show the typical sights of Brazil. However Marcel Camus transported me into the chaos of the Carnival with such eye-popping visuals of colour. I mean I cannot shake that feeling that I thought I was in the crowd itself.

There came along the bossa nova soundtrack which peeped up otherwise tragic tale of Orpheus and Eurdyrice which I am familiar with. The tunes adds that authenticity of Brazil which is rare to find in your typical travel shows.

For once I feel so many emotions,I laughed at the silly antics,I grew upset when I see Orfeu’s grief and was even angry on Mira’s cruel treatment on Eudryrice. I was surprised that I feel hopeful at the idyllic ending when I see the tragic death of the lovers. It kindled me a memory form watching Jean Renoir’s The River few months ago. For some odd reason both have somewhat philosophical endings,it said hey life goes around whenever the circumstances.It was pure beauty. I somewhat smiled at the ending which was a shock to me.

Somehow Orfeu Negro restored my faith in cinema as I recalled a moment where I cried at Jeff’s doubting in Mr Smith Goes to Washington. I just needed that punch from my cynical self of going through shoot and shoot . As one of my favourite film Tumblr blogs Salesonfilm summarized that feeling “it’s like when you see a fellini for the first time after being raised on the cheap american fanboy simulacrum canon for twenty years and you just feel like crawling into a ball and weeping because you realize you’ve been wasting your life on movies and not cinema and all the possibilities of art assault you with their beauty and you feel ugly because of it.”  It’s like rediscovering what is the connective tissue of cinema as Lord Puttnam talked in a seminar,is unifying people of different continents to see a film that is so relatable. I then need to stop bitching to myself that no one would have that capacity to watch this type of films,because I am the only one who understands it. Orfeu Negro’s beauty is perhaps the purest,it was about unrequited love and jealousy which everyone can relate to,whenever you are an American student or a Chinese clerk. If it could unite a person who is unaware about art cinema,like my classmate who is into action and thriller films then cinema have done its job. It connects people together because they will share the same feelings too with you. That is the beauty of cinema which I learned today from watching this film. No matter what your taste,values or whatever,we are connected by that tissue.

To end off my reflection,here is a quote of another favourite film of mine Cloud Atlas

Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.

Like how we needed others,perhaps cinema bound everyone,no matter what circumstances. A film can change the world and mindsets. To me that is why I am always falling back to the world of cinema


The dream makers-My reflection on Lord David Puttnam’s masterclass

“This is cinema, cinema, cinema, cinema, cinema. No other medium in the world can offer this.” -Lord David Puttnam

As I leave tonight after hearing his seminar, it feels like my inspiration battery has been charged. I can’t comprehend what a humble man he was,here is that guy who produced Oscar-winning films like Chariots of Fire and The Killing Fields. I really can’t, he seems so genuine and warm. Waiting for us patiently while the audio tech people are fixing the audio for the conference, telling us about how his family lovingly treated him for his flu and even joked that he wanted to get his coffee when my film head asked if we could have a break. Even though I went slightly off-tanget with my question because of my nervousness (Yes I could totally relate on Dortohy and her companions fear when seeing the grand Wizard of Oz) ,he gently directed me back to the question in asking if I wished Atticus (Gregory Peck) was my father,it struck me. I said yes ,and then I talked how Taymor’s Across The Universe changed my life. He said to me “Good girl,now you become my ally” Here the Lord David Puttnam said these words to me and I was shoke to the core with such awe.

He talked widely about that beauty of cinema and he made me ponder why I am here in this industry. As the first clip Pinocchio show to the audience, we are the dreamers who wanted to make everything come true through that beautiful world of film.  We wanted to put our experiences to entertain and relate.

Here are the few things that struck me from that seminar

  • Watching Mr Smith Goes to Washington clip

I swear that I wept my eyes off from watching this clip,at times I almost feel like giving my dream of doing film studies and that times I feel like that main protagonist. I can’t stand the bitchiness,I can’t stand the cynicism,I can’t stand the objection.I just want to throw the towel and go home. However they stay I must stay on because I believe in everything. I want to be in film preservation,telling my love for cinema to others. So it was a booster for me.

  • What are the films that have influenced you? Is there a film in your memory that has impacted you the way that East of Eden had impacted Lord David Puttnam?

Yes I died on the inside when I heard that he admire James Dean as his hero. Blame my fangirling on him,at last he linked something which I admired. James Dean,such an icon impacted this producer’s young life. Of course I wept again at the East of Eden ending as I recalled that time I watched it earlier. I could understand how it impacted me.

I thought of David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia,I recalled watching Lawrence of Arabia for the first time on that weekend with my parents. This film really spoke me so heavily,I was awed by the cinematography that Freddie captured the hot desert,the romantic overture that still played in my mind and the wonderful performances by Peter O’Toole (I was so devastated when I heard he was retiring from acting) and Omar Sharif. I remember rewatching it for another time and that famous moment when O’Toole screamed “No Prisoners”. I nearly wept-here is that man looking for his identity,all lost. He lost his innocence and his view on himself. It consumed it so deadly to the point,he forget the sanity and just kill anyone. Even one of my favourite quotes stuck in my mind “Do you think I’m just anyone Ali do You?”,it was the summary of myself looking for my purpose. To me it shows the power of cinema,even though I do not have this background and I live in the city. It brings that romanticism to my screen and changed my perspective forever. I literary preached everyone to watch this,because it’s not often you seen a film in this scale like this.

  • How do you intend to insert your dreams into the movies you produce? Are there any of your own personal memories that you would like to see onscreen?

Well I admit,I am very terrible in the technical aspect of film. I am pretty hopeless in carrying heavy lights and cameras. I have no patience on the editing side. I have ideas but I cannot execute it well in screenwriting. I did not have much chances to get my directing dream. However I can execute my dreams onscreen is to give people my knowledge of cinema and learn how to love it. As Terence Davis recounted in his documentary “Of time and The City”- ” at seven,” he says, “I saw Gene Kelly in singin’ in the rain, and discovered the movies, loved them and and swallowed them whole. … musicals, melodramas, westerns: nothing was too rich or too poor for my rapacious appetite, and i gorged myself with a frequency that would shame a sinner.” I want people to just immerse themselves in their encounters in cinema,stop all rational thinking and go back to feeling it. I also wanted them to transport themselves into other worlds and just feel that moment. That emotion. Perhaps it was my dream. I want to see my world that there is hope in the bleakness of society,be free and of course be themselves.

  • Were there particular films from a technique point-of-view that were particularly influential over you? Was there a “light bulb” moment when you decided to be a filmmaker?

Well asides giving the obvious answers like To Kill A Mockingbird,Across The Universe and Lawrence of Arabia. I would say that recently I am crazy over Wong Kar Wai,to me he restored my faith in Asian films. I dunno why the way he filmed his shots to create that longing,the use of music like how he played “California Dreamin'” for Chungking Express. It feels fresh yet so relatable. I was having a personal soul-searching journey when I watched WKW’s films-he know how to relate to my loneliness and hurt I have from the past. Then I am in my Wes Anderson phase,on how he make characters so relatable. I swear that my family is a Wes Anderson-esque type. I am having phases in my film life:I love my David Lean films and escaping to the romanticism with him,like his characters was shook to the core by Ingmar Bergman’s films on his views on life and death,I was touched by Bresson’s minimalist films that speak volumes. I was moved by Wong Kar Wai,I laughed with Wes Anderson. I just absorb what I love about them and exploit on my own. Along these phases,I found out that I am better in film studies. I want to learn about them and how it influenced so many filmmakers like me. I see,by watching films you are a better filmmaker as my old man said.

I realize that perhaps we have tough times,but we wanted our dreams to come through,as they show that ending clip of Cinema Paradiso. We wanted it to be captured forever. That is the beauty of film. We wanted to be submerged in that world and just come back out of the screening-a fresh outlook on life.

Here are some quotes from  filmmakers on why they chose film

“I like to make films because I like to go into another world. I like to get lost in another world. And film to me is a magical medium that makes you dream…allows you to dream in the dark. It’s just a fantastic thing, to get lost inside the world of film.”-David Lynch

“Movies touch our hearts and awaken our vision, and change the way we see things. They take us to other places, they open doors and minds. Movies are the memories of our lifetime, we need to keep them alive.”-Martin Scorsese (Interestingly one of my dreams is to join Marty’s charity for film preservation and it is always heart-tugging for me)

“The most expensive habit in the world is celluloid, not heroin, and I need a fix every two years.”-Steven Spilberg

Perhaps that is that damn reason why I wanted to enter that magical and mysterious world of film. I want to encapsulate memory and time. I want to be lost in that world for an hour or so. I want people to see my memories onscreen and last of all as I summarised it in my favourite film quote.“I am a film addict,absolutely crazy about cinema”. I love film and damn well enjoy that ride. I thank Lord Puttnam for igniting my fire on why I love cinema. It was indeed a humbling experience coming from a man who produced well-acclaimed films

Does beauty matter? A look into Sophie Hatter in Howl’s Moving Castle

So hello guys,again my dearest apologies for the silence.. I have been busy doing Tumblr posts than neglecting this blog Thanks for the lovely comments for the posts! It definitely make me happy that you loved my analysis of the films

Today I will be re-visiting my favorite anime film Howl’s Moving Castle. I thought instead of putting a full analysis,I shall do it as a motivational post for us girls and also a in-depth look at that classic. Yes I read that novel of the film (if you guys are interested on the story it was from the late Diane-Wynne Jones) and I just hated it like crazy because I feel that Howl in the book is not so charming and I don’t feel much for Sophie

So guys if you did not watch this film,basically it’s about a hat maker Sophie was cursed by a spell after an encounter the mysterious (and handsome) Howl,by The Witch of Waste went through the journey to break that curse. I just fall in love with that film for its beautiful animation and a wonderful plot when I was 15. Of course any girl would be totally swooned by how damn good-looking Howl is (I dare anyone not to be swooned by Howl) and secretly wished that you are doing that sky walk with him. ( I would LOL)

However that is not the point that we have the most glorious liferuiner in animation history in our screens,what I am focusing on is Sophie’s journey. To me what struck me from this film again was Sophie’s character how she stopped being self-critical about herself and learnt how to accept for who she was.

Pixar’s latest addition Brave may bring applause for girls for making Merida a bushy red-headed with some fat,however Miyasaki did that treatment a while ago in Howl’s Moving Castle. Sophie is not your typical good-looking anime girl with those big sparkly eyes and fabulous hair that you seen in Sailor Moon. She was like us,bushy eyebrows,plain looking hair and not so much a great figure. However she seemed to be insecure as she did not interact with her fellow hat-makers and she said to her sister “that I rather stayed in the shop because I am the eldest.” as she fear that no one would appreciate her looks.

On the otherhand Howl was very handsome,but however he seemed to worry about his looks than his fellow companions as he lamented after Sophie somewhat screwed up his hair dyes-” I give up. I see not point in living if I can’t be beautiful.” While it was pretty hilarious to hear Howl crying and scolding Sophie for screwing up his spells,it proves to be heartbreaking for Sophie. To her those potions does not even matter to her,she still feel like an ugly woman.

It sounds like us,we often feel so insecure that we would try everything to make ourselves feel better physically. I heard so many many tragic stories of young girls wanting to have plastic surgery and it breaks my heart. However she does not cry for long after Howl’s tanturn,no she instructed Markl to help her switch on the hot water to bathe him and she even bring the slimy Howl up by her own hands. She seems to forget about herself and her own needs and instead focus on that little family. That is bravery,instead of wallowing over our insecurites-we should focus that negative energy on helping others in our positive way.

As the film goes,the spell she was plagued slowly weaned off by her strong spirit,you may seen in most Miyasaki-san films of strong females who defy odds. When times are rough for the house and Calcifer was poisoned by the peeping bug,she encouraged him to stay strong as a family unit,it may sound like stories of women in WW2 who stayed strong while their husbands are away for war which we could link to Miyasaki’s experiences encountering WW2 in Japan himself. It applied to us when times are tough for us,whenever it was studies or your life.  As Sophie encouraged Calcifer-“They say that the best blaze burns brightest, when circumstances are at their worst.” (I prefer the Japanese translation though)Never ever lose hope for yourself. Perserve against all odds no matter what.

That scene when Calcifer used Sophie’s hair as fuel was impactful after she said that quote,to me I seen her long hair as a symbol of her insecurity and her self-esteem. When Calcifer ate that braid as a fuel,it shows that Sophie is no longer looking at herself lowly. Girls please let go off that questioning if you are worth of yourself. Once you could let go of that burden,you could be free no matter what.

There are times where we actually doubt how beautiful we are,especially when others can see how beautiful we are. When Sophie asked Howl sincerely if he is going to be a monster and whenever she could be accepted. I just love Howl sincerely accept her and said “Sophie you are beautiful.” Howl can seen her inner beauty that he even stopped his cowardly ways of running away from his teacher’s spells and face the world as it was. Even Sophie even help Howl to calm down when both were encountered by a spell. It was a positive feeling for the people that met Sophie,Sophie was the first person who cared for Turnip-Head and in reslut cause a break in his curse as a handsome Prince Justin. Markl learnt to loosen a bit from his stiff ways as he cried to Sophie not to leave that family. It shows you by accepting yourself,we eventually impact people’s lives as Sophie did to her friends.

I know that it was difficult to swallow,Miyasaki-san asked us what is true beauty. Not it was not keeping up the appearances that Howl prided himself by his 10001 potions. Beauty do fade as it was seen in The Witch of The Waste,however it was the spirit that counts if we stop putting negative thoughts in our heads and start believing that we are beautiful ourselves. Like Sophie,we could impact lives and of course ourselves. I would leave with you an Avatar The Last Airbender quote (Yes I watched the last few epis of Avatar)

We may be confused on who we are and why we want to do,but slowly we could gain that strength soon.

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