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Experiencing Classic Doctor Who

Well hello again! Thanks for looking thru my previous post “A hero’s journey with Avatar Wan.” I would be covering today is perhaps my adventures in tackling Classic Doctor Who.

Now let me tell you my story how I encounter The Doctor first.

(Some awesome theme music then!)

I grew up in the Nuwho era (The era revitalized by Russell T. Davies with Eccleston,Tennant and now soon to be off Matt Smith) In my teenage years in Singapore,Doctor Who is not so widely spoken here despite being from British roots. We are only crazy about anime and I know one friend who loved David Tennant as his stint as the Doctor.

I think it was until I enter Tumblr,then I know a bit of its fandom. Sometimes I do catch episodes of Doctor Who on the television but it does not get into me. I tried so many times to watch Doctor Who (The new ones),even still I do not get it. Basically what is so special about a 9,000 year old alien traveling with a police box?

It was until the ‘election’ of the 12th doctor that I got caught with the news of who shall be the doctor. Let me call it the nerd version of electing the president. It cropped some familiar names which I dread of being the doctor like Ben Whishaw

While being cool with a Doctor being played by a female,or a POC (Moffat I am looking for you for that). I was with the Whovians who are wondering who is the next doctor,and there was Peter Capaldi chosen as the 12th doctor.

In this little video,he introduced him damn straight “Hello! My name is Peter Capaldi and I am the New doctor.” Of course most are positive about this choice (with some naysayers because of his age). Of course I am intrigued by him and of course I diverge into his filmography…I realize he is a fascinating actor and plus he acted out my founder’s Lord David Puttnam film Local hero (apparently a fave for him).

Of course I am so not convinced on the magic of doctor who until the 50th anniversary special (I am looking forward to Pcap) and I do tried the 50th Anniversary Special-The Day of The Doctor which I enjoyed a lot but I still did not get it

It was then I started to watch that television film “An Adventure with Space and Time” which tell the origins of Doctor Who. I realized it was no- ordinary series for nerds. It was the circumstances that struck me,we have JFK’s assassination where all hope is lost and we have an unlikey crew,-A Jewish Female producer and an Indian director. Most think it would be a flop as why teach children history by showing an old bloke and his adventures. Eventually what I learned that it was the hope that Doctor Who provide to the children in the turbulent sixties and onwards. Yes The Doctor do have that case of humanity through his alien perspective. That is when I wanted to achieve the impossible-catching up with Classic Who.

Yes I tried the first episode that Mark Gatiss recreated-The Unearthly Child. My god it was slow as hell..however I am still trying to attempt it.

It was until I watched Logopolis Part 4 with Tom Baker and Peter Davison,because my sister liked 5th Doctor (Peter Davison)’s fashion sense. There I discovered my first doctor-Tom Baker and eventually my favorite version of the master Anthony Ainely. I do love Tom’s rich voice and his bohemianism. I was bummed that it was that episode where he regenerated into Peter Davison

Of course I decided to give Peter Davison a shot for Castrovalva and despite some little moments. He does not gel with me as I kind find him a bit too passive for me. Alright I laughed how bad the special effects are and how melodramatic the acting is. Yet I still hang on to that hope that I would like it.

Eventually I managed to suspend how crappy the effects are as I continued the Classic Who watching and that is where I found my utmost favorite doctor that may rival Tom Baker. I really wanted to cover Sylvester McCoy’s era because I know that I love his character in The Hobbit as Radagast

However I have a month til Christmas special and I decided Battlefield because it have Arthurian legends in Earth. Oh yes! It was where I found the true spirit of Doctor Who,usually I will get bored with the Classic who but for me that two episodes are so fun. I do feel the suspense and the enjoyment of that episode. I do love the antics of McCoy and there I found out the magic of Doctor Who. I do experienced what is like being a new whovain,I still miss Tom Baker very much (I want to watch him more) and of course see that twinkle in the doctor’s eyes

It’s a pretty short journey for me encountering Doctor Who,but I am hoping that I would enjoy Pcap’s season


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