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How to get started watching films.

Here is another post on how to start ‘your beautiful friendship’ (mind that lame casablanca reference) in film for Film tumblr people.

Now I come to the most important thing-how to get started with your habit of watching films in an analytical manner. let me give you a situation,your lecturer asked you to watch this film in an analytical thing. It’s pretty hard as we are used to watching it brainlessly and of course we don’t know what to watch. now for some pointers

  1. watch films that either linked to your interest or your favourite. it’s often easier to do this than jumping to a film that you would get lost. like fashion? watch breakfast at tiffany. enjoy 1960’s music? watch bob dylan: don’t look back. or perhaps watching a film adaptation of your favourite novel? by doing this,you will keep the ball rolling.
  2. ask your friends/tumblr people/lecturers recommendations,you are never alone and sometimes you may like it. let me give you an example,i once asked salesoffilm to do a screencap spam of kurosawa’s yume (dreams). at first she was pretty unaware of that film,then we stirred up a conversation of kurosawa. i gave her my review of yume and later she really super gushed about how fantastic yume was with a great post.
  3. check out top 100/500 lists of films to watch,it’s a great start to start watching films. i currently trying to finish AFI (American film institute) top 100 films. it’s a good way to see what is recommended by the massess
  4. here is a habit of mine,i always try to mix my genres or do by themes when i watch films. that way you would not get bored. for instance i watched too much french films for the past few weeks-so this week i borrow italian and swedish instead.

now for viewing

  1. avoid the laptop/phone. get a couch,grab some munchies and watch the film in the tv. you will never get distracted by looking at stuff i.e sms/whatsapp your friends,tumblring and facebooking. i always bring munchies along as it keeps my sugar level up instead of being distracted by ze iphone. in addition dvd features are awesome (look at monty python and the holy grail-it is hilarious)
  2. Look at the technical approaches in the film,if you like to know about production design see how the person convey the mood by the sets,is it by colour? texture? space ? you could look at my suggestions of films to watch for certain areas in the previous posts for Cinematography and Production Design
  3. Do see how they create the character,how does the director see him/her,is he or she portrayed as a victim  or the upper-hand figure
  4. keep an open mind,it’s better to understand it than dislike because you don’t want to.
  5. do keep a blog/journal for your film watching because it may be useful in the future.
  6. have fun,don’t sweat it..a movie is supposed to entertain you. if you don’t have fun-what’s the use? keep everything light.

Have fun and enjoy watching!


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