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An anime otaku (yes it was unlikey and during your teenage years-you are bananas over anime and manga) who loved The Beatles have a dream of being a director in the film industry,the only films she recalled watching were To Kill a Mockingbird (Because of literature class-She enjoyed it and she have a big crush on Gregory Peck ),lots of Disney cartoons and fancy Hollywood blockbusters. It was until she was mind-blown by the words of Julie Taymor- “The youth of today did live that era,but however if I could show that-maybe it would change their lives forever.” It was from a featurette of the film that changed her perspective of film forever. It was called Across the Universe.

Thanks to her old man’s suggestions of watching more films,she conquered every film whenever a classic or obscure.

From the deserts of Arabia that gobsmacked her and officially made David Lean her most favourite film-maker ever.

Fellni’s extremely trippy perspective of filmmaking that enthralled her

Some extreme freak-out by Michael Moore

or that endearing scene that make Truffaut the name in French New Wave

Perhaps some Celtic animation for a change

Anyway in short,she watched films like crazy as a habit to learn. She enjoyed passionately over her Critical Film Studies by her awesome lecturer. For some time she have been writing little reviews even before she enter film schools-well about anime. One day one of her classmates suggest that she should write reviews on the films for the people to catch up their watching. This little review never came to the light of day.

It was until her holidays she initiated that spot on tumblr-A Film geek’s watching that will review every film she watched. Yes she is a film geek. Of course she watched films of course. That is it all started.

When she is not watching films,she listened to Beatles (and also lotsof extremely J-Pop) and sharing passionately about her film interest with her non-film geeks or perhaps influenced them to break away from the usual mold of Hollywood films. She loves good food n love art history.

She wanted to do film preservation in the future in hoping to join Marty’s Film Foundation. Of course saving all Singaporean films too :3


2 thoughts on “About this writer

  1. You haven’t written in a while. A big shame! I think your posts are interesting.

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