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An appreciation to The Big Lebowski (1998)

Well I heard about this cult-classic through some cinephile friends and lecturers,there I managed to get this cult classic in conjunction with Jeff Bridges (A.K.A the Dude)’s b’day on 4 December….I decided to watch this classic. I hate to admit it,I am in love with this film. It’s not in a fangirling manner and here are my reasons. Whenever you find it in a wink in your local Tv like this

Or perhaps it is just a quick stumbling like me

The Dude Abides!

For the history of this film,before The Coen brothers made Barton Fink (Another fave of mine). It was a box-office disappointment if you look in a financial producing perspective and of course it came out with mixed reviews if you are in a film critic’s perspective. Well like red wine,it aged well with time during its quirkiness and great dialouge. So here is the story of the Big Lebowski is simply about a slacker Jeff Lebowski A.K.A The Dude who got himself in a mess when he was mistaken for the cold millionaire Jeffery Lebowski and there it snowballed to the kidnap of his wife and of course a friend who wanted the cash. Yup we have the WTH face,a slacker doing something crazy. Of course it wasn’t your cheesy Hollywood thing,when you encounter the Coen Brothers-it became something different.

First of all,what I loved about The Big lebowski-it was seriously quotable. Here is the assortment of the quotes you would say.

Of course we struggle with the writing of dialogue,but the beauty of Lebowski was how natural the dialouge is and I dare you not to say “F***in’ A” or my version Freaking A! after watching the film. I keep on quoting the dude line randomly.

It leads to my second favourite thing from The big Lebowski is the extremely comedic moments. I think every part of the film is hilarous. Here is are my  favourite moments

I am surprised they should add this as one of the moments that used classical music. This never ever grows old for me. I dunno why the use of Mozart’s Requiem in such a serious moment and The Dude going “Ok..yah…” while Mr Lebowski discussed something serious is hilarious. This is how to use classical music for comedic effect

This itself is also pretty too priceless,here a chirpy song played a snowballing effect to find something mysterious.

Of course there are so many honorable mentions for the best moments of that film,anyway man…this film is just hilarious that I could narrow down with these few.

There it lead me why I loved the Big Lebowski,the great performances for so many underrated actors-may I give a shout-out to John Goodman as Walter ? He was a favourite for me ever since Barton Fink,everytime he keep shouting “Donny Shut the Fuck Up” with such comedic timing and of course the “Stranger” is too epic. Of Course we abide the “Dude” Jeff Bridges is awesome as the Dude. We actually symphatize him on his journey and Bridges make him so believable to the point most of the “Dude”clothes were actually his.

I saw this post once and thought I like to share with you because it summarised the film in an interesting light is about the perceptions of masculinity. O.K I was mind-blown that I could take some exercepts from it

“Anyway, like I was saying, the film answers a single, very important philosophical question, a question that is posed at the beginning of the film by The Big Lebowski (the character): “What makes a man?”

The rest of the film is devoted to answering this question. Or, if I were to rephrase this in a way relevant to reality, the film questions the conventional notion of a “man” or masculinity in today’s society.

The film takes all pre-conceived societal notions about masculinity being defined as body image, and turns all of that on its head with Jeff Bridge’s character The Dude. Here we have: an unemployed slacker and stoner, physically unfit, cowardly, poor, etc. etc. As far from society’s (and the audience’s!) notion of what a real manly character should be.

And yet. By the end of the movie, one can certainly make the claim that The Dude is NOT cowardly. Doesn’t he spend the film trying to dive to the bottom of a mystery that he doesn’t even want to be a part of? Despite what he may appear to be on the outside, by the end of the movie The Dude is definitely more courageous and willing to do what’s right than at the beginning.

When I watched in the end-I simply go what the hell,but love the comedy. There after reading this post,it gained my respect for this film. How do we perceive the idea of masculinity,not by appearance but his traits and willingness.  It is quite philosophical especially learning to take things by stride. I actually loved this quote from The Dude to move on life. Even before I watched that film,I actually reblogged a GIF set on this line and it helps me in so many ways

Perhaps that is why it sprouted conventions and revitalize a long-forgotten cocktail.Of course it helps that this film can be seen in different perspectives,when it was a modern take of The Big Sleep or simply a comedy to laugh on. You must attempt this comedy. You should!


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