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Predictions of the Oscar Best Animated Feature 2013

Predictions of the Oscar Best Animated Feature 2013

I have been following a bit on the oscars news and i am surprsied that 21 films are shortlisted for Best Animated feature for that year… So far it have an interesting mix of film genres that year.

Now here is my thoughts for which films would be nominated for the Oscar for Best Animated Feature



Yes I am a sucker for that movie and Pixar took it up to a notch on dealing with its first female protagonist and of course the landscapes are beautiful. I think it would get that nomination because of the story and the gorgeous animation here

A Liar’s Autobiography – The Untrue Story of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman

It came to me as a surprise,I have been a Python fan for quite a while and seeing the trailer for the film. I am pretty impressed by the vast animation styles here. I think they translated the Pythonesque humor so well in their animated styles. I am hoping they would release that film into my country


The stop-motion animation is too wonderful and I love those winks of horror movies.

Rise of The Guardians

Just watched this with my sister the other day,holy poop……I thought Brave was amazing. ROTG took the cake for its animation. I was entralled by the opening sequence and it gets better in every second. However I think it have a stiff competition with Brave on the technical aspect. However the story in Guardians is a little cliche (But I overlook it in my watching). So it was a difficult decision for me to decide which of these animated features are good because both have different qualities which I liked.


From Up on Poppy Hill

It probably get in because it was a Ghibi film (Oscars have been nominating these countries over the years including the winner for 2002 Best Animated feature-Spirited Away which I don’t deny it). I heard it was directed by Goro Miyasaki (Hayao Miyasaki’s son). I watched one of his films and found it damn terrible. I heard lots of good things about this film but I need to see it

So these are my five for now as I did not watch the rest. So what do u think which films would be nominated for Best Animated Feature?


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