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My appreciation for Across The Universe (2007)

If you asked anyone what is that one life-changing film that forever changed their perception of film. Some say it was The Godfather,Spielberg was Lawrence of Arabia while others said it was Citizen Kane. O.K My first life-changing flim was not one of the top 100 or 50 films to watch before you die. It was something that is pretty recent and I can’t help but to share about it. I have great debt for this film that spurn me to love film as an art.

Basically it was a boy meets girl story set with Beatles songs. Pretty darn simple huh? For the impressionable 19 year old art student who loved The Beatles,it sounds pretty awesome. So I borrowed the DVD with my sister and start to watch this. Yup on that day,my life was changed forever on how film could work wonders.

You feel as if you are transport to that magical mystery bus (Mind The Beatles pun),sometimes it could go somber like Let it Be when it deals with the struggle of racial rights during the civil rights movement,sometimes it was whimsical and energetic that transport you back to that carefree optimism in the 1960’s. It could even turn somewhat hopeful as in the ending sequence when Jude sang “All You Need is Love.” and Lucy came along. That journey sinked you to the times of the 1960’s even though you will never experienced it.

If you looked at Julie Taymor’s style of work,she have a deep background in threatre and she loved the avant-garade. Across The Universe is simply mind-blowing,the cinematography is almost fantasy-like which is in line with Julie’s tasteSo many images came into my mind when I watched that strawberries becoming bombs or that frightening “I Want You (She’s So ¬†Heavy)” sequence and that cheeky The Benefit of Mr Kite sequence which played on the Dadaist colleges. You just join along with the fun with this film ever.

Of course,the way they covered the Beatles songs actually fitted the storyline and yet there is beautifully refreshing about it. Whenever Prudence singing about her feelings of that girl in “I want to hold your hand.” to show her melachonic feelings and highlight a social issue of LGBT people coming out or “Across the Universe” on the NY Metro where you seen many faces or that beautifully whimsical “Because” to show that optimistic outlook of young people in the 60’s. It was amazing and absolutely different from the usual.

Last of all,to me what makes Across The Universe so special to me,is what she wanted people to get away from that film. I watched the behind-the scenes featurette of Across The Universe and she commented what is her purpose of making that film. Excuse me for not phrassing it right because it was a pretty long time since I watched it. They may not experience that time during the 1960’s but however by showing this film to the young people perhaps it would change their life,little by little. That part shook me is making a film could change someone’s life. Yes it did,now I just love critiscm and just enjoying how films are made. It just gave me the purpose of my life-loving films. I am really thankful for Julie Taymor for making my love of film because of that look across the universe


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