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Stylish films-Sabrina (1954)

Well I decide to talk about “Stylish Films” not only because of its context of the story but also some stylish frocks that deserved to be in a fashionista’s movie list.

How about some elegance of Audrey Hepburn to get started on “Stylish films” compartment. You know Audrey would top up in any best-dressed list because of her sheer elegance and cementing the “gamine” look that is copied by so many people today. You may remember her in her more famous reincarnation in Breakfast At Tiffany

Perhaps we should give some love to Sabrina,as Bogey utter that famous line in Casablanca-“It’s a start of a beautiful friendship” in the fashion industry. Story goes of two brothers (both played by Humphrey Bogart and William Holdman) fall into the charms of Sabrina (played by Audrey Hepburn) who went through a Cinderella like transformation. I would not giving out some spoilers as it will ruin the film. However the fashion is dashing and it is well deserved an Oscar of Best Costume Design to Edith Head.

Those who never know Edith Head

This lady is responsible for designing perhaps the most glorious costumes in film history to the point she was an auter. Most notably collaborated with Hitchcock films and a few Audrey Hepburn classics that we loved today. Well she designed the pre-Paris outfits like this adorable polka-dot dress

It’s so Edith Head as there is some elegance and timelessness in her designs. I heard from an interview that she does not want to make Audrey too glamorous for the prologue. It is like a wallflower in an adorable way.

Now to post-Paris outfits that make everyone gush like crazy. Now here is how the beautiful friendship of fashion happens. One day Audrey called rising designer-Hubert Givenchy and he thought that Hepburn who made that call was Katherine Hepburn. By surprise it was the pettie waif-like Audrey. He designed so many of her famous outfits and it was perhaps the greatest collaberation ever.

First the train outfit

It was pretty chic especially the suit dress. It suits Sabrina’s first transformation as a glamourous woman. This is rumored to be one of the outfits that Givenchy designed here. I love her little hairband too.

The Welcome Party outfit (apparently was designed by Givenchy himself)

Gah that detail! Isn’t it gorgeous..I just love the bodice here and it was quite a nice contrast  to the 50’s prom-like dresses of David’s fiance-Elizabeth. Here is the Cinderella-like moment for Sabrina and of course David was in awe with her gorgeous gorgeous dress. Who would resist this beauty.

Sailing outfit

This is the old-school of doing shorts-shorts,This is a nice example of how you do preppy. I think Sabrina would wear it with ballet flats (As her actress) or maybe some elegant boat shoes would work.

The LBD that made her famous (Not really)

Apparently my sister that the collar that appeared in this dress was appropriately called “Sabrina collar” well after the character itself. It fits Hepburn really well because it showcased her wonderful arms and her lovely neck. Now we see some heels (It’s Kitten heel) which top off that elegant look.

Her hat is pretty cute and it adds pizzazz to otherwise a boring LBD.


This was very interesting as it reminds me of another Hepburn film-Funny Face where she wore a leotard like this. However as usual she makes it so elegant! The back is slipped to a V without being vulgar.

Thank you Edith Head for designing this outfit,she looks almost effortless here.


I am sorry for the small screencap,but it’s the best I get. Audrey liked to wear lots of trench-coats in her later movies and rest fo her life. It’s classic.

Well the guys are not forgotten to. Bogey looks stylish with his hoogage,in contrast his brother (Holden) looks dashing here. I love bogey’s sailing outfit because he looks smashing here 😉

I am slightly biased because I usaully see him with the fedora and trenchcoats. It’s refreshing to see his rather preppy outfit but still hold his coolness in his details.

Perhaps what is the legacy for Sabrina in the fashion world which makes it a fashionista’s list of films to watch. Well it elevates Audrey Hepburn to a fashion icon and many more to come. It brings the name Givenchy to the fashion world and also bring up-coming designers like McQueen and Gallieno. It have a legacy of the perfect match of Audrey’s waif-like beauty with Givenchy.

Now some pictures to see Sabrina in its modern times.

Pulip released their collection on Sabrina in March 2010 as a celebration for the film’s release

You see them in your everyday life.

Even Barbie gone Hepburn with that timeless Givenchy Dress

It was indeed a fairytale come true. What more can I say,with its gorgeous dresses that stood the test of time. It’s a great 50’s inspired film.

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4 thoughts on “Stylish films-Sabrina (1954)

  1. Henry on said:

    Even though Edith Head made a sketch of Audrey’s LBD, that was another Givenchy one too! Im still mad that edith accepted the oscar when most of the designs in the picture that would have awarded her with it were by Givenchy! Apparently Audrey was devastated that Hubert De Givenchy didn’t get any credit for her costumes…:)

    • Heard about this story..but look at the bright side of it. Givenchy managed to gain some recognition for that contribution thanks to Audrey Hepburn! He did some designs for My Fair Lady and Breakfast At Tiffany.

  2. Great post and tribute to the stylish Hepburn. For me she was one of the most beautiful women to grace the silver screen.

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