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Being a member of the film society n El Hal

OMG…it’s my first time watching a film along with a society. Well I have been to NMS for screening for the second time after Berlouucini’s Last Emperor. Yes it was pretty awesome and I nearly teared when I watched it.

El Hans (Trances)-1981 (Ahmed El Maânouni)
So basically it was this band called Nass El Ghiwane who make a quite big sensation in Morocco. They were called ” The Rolling Stones of Africa.” so they traced the life of the band and it’s shot on fame.
I swore that it approached it like Bob Dylan’s Don’t Look Back,with the usual cinema vertre method. It’s interesting but some parts are a bit dry as perhaps I do not understand the context. I feel the band is pretty similar to Bob Dylan as both used music in a pacifist manner and talks about the problems in society. So it was a so-so for me,I think what it lacks was the charisma that you seen in music documentaries.

So here is the trailer for that film incase you are wondering about this.

For my experience,it’s  alright just that many just went off and they looked as if they are on the way to go back. I am not expecting much-maybe they are wary to new people. However I have a nice chat with the counter table people. I wished they could a bit a friendlier and talk about the film instead of running off.
However it’s a start for me to get to find more people beyond my bubble of typing reviews and watching DVDs all alone.


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